Why a Therapeutic Boarding School for Your Teen?

Lava Heights Academy
Many parents are considering boarding school placement for their child who may be suffering from drug or alcohol abuse, psychological, behavioral or emotional issues or who exhibits difficulty relating socially with those around them.

A qualified therapeutic boarding school is a residential facility that has been designed to house troubled teens, while providing qualified care and treatment for a wide range of issues.  There are benefits to placement in an appropriate therapeutic boarding school for children aged 12 to 18 years, as the facilities and staff offer the availability of everything the child would need in order to recover and an environment that has been designed to elicit healing and emotional growth.

While many parents may fear it a drastic measure to place a child in a boarding school rather than letting them continue to live at home; often it is the best option for the child and other family members.  It is, however, important to compare potential boarding schools, as they are not all the same.  Consideration should be given to the credentials of staff members, the actual physical facilities provided, placement cost and treatment philosophy.  Attention should also be paid to recommendations from parents of prior attendees, as well as references from professionals in the treatment arena.

There are a wide range of issues that can prevent a child from succeeding at a traditional school or at home.  In addition to substance abuse, a child may deal with ADD/ADHD disorders, oppositional defiance disorder, depression, anxiety, adoption and/or attachment issues, as well as eating disorders and low self-esteem.  The manner in which these emotional and behavioral issues impact the child’s life may be an indicator of the need for professional assistance.  Lava Heights Academy offers a team of trained experts to help each child attain the professional help they may need.  A comprehensive arts therapy program, we offer all four art forms to assist with each child’s emotional, behavioral and psychological transformation.  Accompanying this therapy program is a fully-integrated academics study curriculum which provides high school completion, while fostering the desire for a college education.

After a thorough evaluation of the student, all members of our creative staff share in this evaluation and work together in order to provide a concerted therapy program of music, drama, dance and art.  Through these art expressions a child discovers a means of accepting themselves, the ideas of others and to accept feedback and praise in a healthy manner.  Our experienced and caring therapists have developed techniques which help promote dialogue between student group members and address social skill development, while facilitating opportunities to enhance empathy, initiative and cooperative play.  The ever-changing needs of the child are further addressed through newly formed groups for personal art expression.

A therapeutic boarding school offers an excellent opportunity for children and teens with mental health issues to get full exposure to therapy and start the path toward recovery. Explore the academic and art therapy options with Lava Heights Academy for help restoring your child’s psychological health and emotional balance.

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