What to Look For When Choosing Teen Treatment

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If your child, aged 12 to 18 years, is suffering from chemical addiction, or psychological, emotional, behavioral or social challenges, professional care in a residential treatment center may be in order.

There are many treatment facilities for the care of children and teens.  However, it can seem challenging to locate the best facility for effectively helping your son or daughter return to their world with a healthy perspective and in an emotionally balanced state.  Every child is different.  Taking the time to research the best treatment modality to suit your child’s issues may make the difference between success and failure.

If your child is dealing with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, professional treatment may be in order.  Regardless of the amount or frequency of drugs that your child may be using; drug use by its very nature will escalate.  Drug addiction is a disease that affects the brain’s function, eliminating the user’s ability to say no.  A child suffering from this disease or the disease of alcohol addiction needs trained experts to help them become restored to a state of health and sobriety.  There are steps that can be taken to evaluate and choose which facility may be the best choice for your son or daughter.

The first step when making a decision about the program you want for your child is to verify the licensing and accreditation of any program you may be investigating.  As licensing and accreditation are not the same things, it is important to determine that they are, in fact, state licensed.  Noting which organizations have provided them with accreditation for their treatment of young people will also help guarantee the validity of their care and treatment successes.  Take time to check out the credentials of all clinical staff, including therapists and counselors.

What are is the treatment process being offered by this residential care facility than can help your child restore their emotional, physical and psychological health?  Take time to determine if the treatment and care being offered includes research-based therapies.  If they have been actively tracking the success of their student graduates, ask for access to this information.  Information about their therapist to student ratio will also help you determine if your child will receive the individual attention they may need in order to be truly helped.

As each person’s emotional and psychological needs are unique; how does this particular program design a treatment process that will meet the specific needs of your child and properly treat their disorder?  Understanding how thorough the staff is in exposing the underlying triggers for your child’s personality disorder, drug or alcohol addiction or other emotional issues will help you better grasp your child’s chances for successful treatment. 

A walk-through of the physical plant will also help you better understand the lifestyle your child will be experiencing.  A combination of all of these factors can help you best determine a facility where your child will be happy, safe and able to gain a new lease on life.

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