Does Court-Enforced Drug/Alcohol Treatment Work?

Amicus House
Amicus House is a drug and alcohol treatment facility that has been dealing with young adults suffering from alcohol or drug addiction since 1998.

A facility that utilizes inpatient and outpatient services to help restore their clients’ health and sobriety, Amicus House offers qualified recovery services to court-appointed attendees and others.

Often the question is raised, “Can forced treatment really work?  Doesn’t the one suffering from addiction have to want to make a personal decision to quit?”  Contrary to popular belief, it is not necessary for one to hit rock bottom before they can begin to get better.  Those that have been forced  to attend treatment programs (through the directive or intervention of Courts or families)experience outcomes similar to those entering treatment, while acting on their own volition.

A recent California study of methamphetamine users reported that those that had been coerced into treatment by the criminal justice system and those addicts entering into a recovery program through a personal decision had similar rates of meth use following treatment.  Their rates of total abstinence and overall recovery rates at 24 months post-treatment were almost identical.  Although one would think that an addict would have to want treatment in order to achieve any benefit from it; in reality, this theory has been disproven. 

Under the assumption that, although the Courts can make one listen – they cannot force one to change his or her thinking; placement in a well-staffed, highly successful treatment program can help transform those that begin their stay, resistant to treatment. Amicus House has earned recognition among its peers and in the community for providing the quality care and cutting-edge treatment modalities that have been successful in helping some of the most resistant substance abusers to find a new life of sobriety.  Although a young man or woman may begin their treatment process with a firm resolve that they do not want to change; as they progress through the recovery program, they learn more, make emotional and psychological gains and begin to recognize that a life of sobriety is desirable and attainable. Often, when entering the program, their sense of reality is that they do not want to and cannot let go of their addiction.  This foggy thinking has an opportunity to dissipate as they progress through the program, drug or alcohol-free, and under the guidance of an experienced treatment staff.

Should your son or daughter be suffering from the disease of alcohol or drug addiction, finding the right treatment center may be their best hope for restored health.  Whether mandated by the courts, or as a parental decision to help save your child from a life of addiction; Amicus House is one of the top facilities available for consideration.  

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