PRWeb vs PRNewswire vs Press Release Jet – ROI Results Revealed

Your press release is ready for the world to see. Which press release distribution service should you go with? What factors should you take into consideration? Certainly, costs and quality of the newswire plays a huge role since that would be what ultimately determines your ROI (return on investment).

We’ve compared 3 of the top press release distribution services:

Press Release Jet offers standard press release distribution at just $19. This package includes guaranteed placement across 150+ media websites and guaranteed placement on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Google News and Bing News. To maximize what you get, they also offer a premium press release distribution at $49 and this package includes everything from their standard package along with guaranteed placement across 350+ media sites including ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC and the CW.

PR Newswire refers to themselves the “authoritative source” of news and information for media organizations. They boast of having the world’s largest network of getting your news story into credentialed journalists. With that said, when we looked into some case studies, the press releases got syndicated to an average of 300 media sites and the cost for a single release was $775. Surprisingly, around 80% of the websites in the pick up were the same as with Press Release Jet’s $49 package.

PRWeb’s entry level packages, based on our studies, had minimal impact. It was syndicated to only a handful of low quality sites. Their most effective package is their premium package at $369 which get syndicated into an average of 150 media sites.

Lastly, we analyzed the quality of the media sites where the press releases received pick up, and there was a significant lack in PR Web’s performance. PR Newswire and Press Release Jet, on the other hand, were syndicated to much well-known media sites including ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, CW, Daily Herald and Bloomberg Business. With this in mind, Press Release Jet is the best choice because you get more syndication at a higher quality, and at a fraction of the cost of PR Newswire and PRWeb. You can visit them at

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