Foxx Life Sciences expands EZwaste HPLC Solvent Waste Product Line

Salem, NH – Foxx Life Sciences will greatly expand its EZwaste HPLC Solvent Waste line by adding a variety of new sizes, adapters and filtration options. EZwaste is now available from 2.5, 4, 5, 10, 20, 40, and 75 liters carboys. The new EZwaste DOT is now available in 10, 13.5, 20 and 60L DOT/UN approved containers.  In addition, Foxx has design six new adapters for each size to accommodate most HPLC instruments on the market today and added several new filter packs.  Foxx will also dedicate a new assembly room at its New Hampshire facility for its growing solvent waste business.

“The new assembly area will allow us to shorten lead times and provide customers with a variety of options for their solvent waste requirements,” stated Callen Rockwell, Operations Manager. “Foxx will be able to produce almost any configuration and have it shipped in just two weeks to customers,” remarked Rockwell.

The EZwaste line has been critical addition to Universities, Biotech and Pharmaceutical companies controlling HPLC VOCs in the lab and manufacturing environments.  The products are designed to remove harmful vapors and provide safe containment of harmful solvents.

“The new EZwaste  and EZwaste DOT products have been a huge success and we are very focused on improving air quality and safety in the laboratory environment” stated Julia Walsh, Director of Global Sales and Marketing.

Videos have been launched on both product lines. The two videos are EZwaste – and EZwaste UN/DOT (disposable/transportable units) –

Foxx Life Sciences is focused on manufacturing the most innovative filtration, fluid containers, laboratory disposables and solvent waste management products at the lowest costs to Research, Biotech, and Pharmaceutical customers. The majority of their products are designed, developed and manufactured in United States. The company is located in Salem, NH and just 32 miles north of Boston, Biotech capital of the world. With over 1000 product SKUs and a wide variety of patents, Foxx is a leader in filtration and fluid management products for research, biotech, and pharmaceutical markets. You can also see the large selection of the laboratory products at on your phone, tablet or computer.

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