MachineShop Releases “Maximizing the Value of IoT Data” Newsletter featuring research from Gartner

Newsletter contains strategic insights about the importance of Edge Intelligence and Distributed Data Architectures

BOSTON, MA – 12/11/2015 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — MachineShop, the industry’s first and only completely API-based Internet of Things (IoT) platform, recently announced the availability of their latest newsletter, “Maximizing the Value of IoT Data: The Importance of Edge Intelligence and Distributed Data Architectures.”

The newsletter emphasizes how today’s enterprises must rethink traditional, cloud-centric approaches and establish new, highly distributed data architectures to maximize the value of their IoT investments.

Some key points highlighted within the report:

  • Large, monolithic IoT platforms are forcing a “one size fits all” approach and fail to account for the enormous variety in data consumption and management needs.
  • With the growing amount of data generated from connected devices, traditional, centralized data architectures are becoming less sustainable.
  • Edge Intelligence, or the ability to process, filter, and manage data at the edge of the network (closer to its source) is becoming increasingly essential for large-scale Enterprise and Industrial IoT deployments.
  • Edge Intelligence allows organizations to apply rules, event triggers, and business logic at the gateway level, and effectively filter for only business-critical data – significantly reducing bandwidth requirements.
  • Maximizing the value of IoT data requires the ability to process and manage data in real-time, over a wide, diverse landscape of devices, systems, and sources, ranging from the edge to the central data centers.

To access the free newsletter, which features additional research from Gartner, click the link below:

Maximizing the Value of IoT Data: The Importance of Edge Intelligence and Distributed Data Architectures

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