, The Private Dating Club’s for Millionaire and Billionaires is the official site for millionaires and billionaires private matchmaking and dating.

NEW YORK, NY – 12/14/2015 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — It’s said that birds of a feather flock together, and, the website of the world’s most exclusive dating club, exemplifies that well.

The Club’s coveted members include billionaires, millionaires, fashion models, entrepreneurs, and anyone else qualified to be admitted. announced its expansion into Asia earlier this month.  The private dating club is where the international movers of shakers of the world go to meet and date the highest quality, attractive singles.

These men and women who are such incredible catches essentially need to join an elite, private club to find romance:

While most people can freely upload their profile on common online dating sites and use those public outlets, the super-wealthy dare not, lest it becomes breaking news in the latest Tabloid’s Page Six the next day.

Plus, they require an especially high quality dating pool that’s suitable to their lifestyle, interests, and preferences. They need a partner that meshes well with them in every way. This means dating from an exclusive, specifically selected, highly qualified membership base of fascinating, attractive single members just like them.

With, members meet incredible singles that are outside of their immediate social or professional circles…which means they are meeting new, interesting, incredibly high quality relationship and dating prospects that are as high quality as they are used to (if not even more).

Theirs is great fun and joy in matchmaking and dating through Members are matched and only meet dates they would sincerely want to meet. From there the rest is a blast of romance and friendship.

And of course, the super-successful need love and affection just like everyone else.

Says a company spokesperson: “When you are managing a business empire, you have virtually no time to find the right person to date; someone with whom you can enjoy your life. Plus, for our members, everything has to be magnificent – and that’s what our elite private dating club at offers; magnificent dates with perfect matches that excite you and intrigue you. Each relationship is an exploration of possibilities and fun.”

With a membership application acceptance rate of 35%, is uniquely selective about who they admit into the private dating club as a member. Upon admittance into the club, qualified members pay an annual membership fee in the region of $1,200- $1M USD.

“We screen every applicant for personal values, ethics, and more, in addition to finding out their dating preferences. Since our goal is for our members to enjoy lasting romantic relationships, personality and values matter just as much as their general accomplishments and independence” the spokesperson said.

This statement further corroborates the mission statement of; to make life more peaceful, balanced, beautiful, and meaningful.

To know more about how works and to apply for membership, visit:

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