BETHLEHEM, PALESTINE – Dec 14, 2015 – Author Terry McIntosh pulls no punches in his new book entitled “I Shall.” He presents a resurrected Bible truth that reveals the plan of God with renewed hope and staggers Christian theology regarding today’s Israel in a violent collision of emotions ranging from joy, anger, and even outrage. The subject of the book is of vital importance to Christians. It is a timely message that will eventually impact politics as well as religious theology.  It is revealing. It is prophetic. It is jaw-dropping.

According to McIntosh, there is a solution to the Jewish-Palestinian problem, and it’s not what one would expect. “We have been lied to, but the ancient truth is being resurrected again. It is God’s plan. It is the future. There is no turning back.”

“I Shall” addresses the Jewish-Palestinian DNA connection as Hebraic brothers, but goes beyond that revelation to tackle divisive theologies that contribute to continued harm of Jews and Palestinians.  The book does not always make for pleasant reading, but McIntosh says that “one has to go there to get to the truth.” Myths, fabricated historical facts, and lies are exposed in the light of the Holy Scriptures and political confessions.

McIntosh says,  “The hope for tomorrow is rich and powerful enough to save our nation, our children, and to facilitate God’s plan for the people of Israel including Jews and Palestinians. If we let the Bible do the talking while we do the walking, an honest person will never read the Bible the same way again.”

It is currently available from Amazon books at this link and at CreateSpace

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