Internet Success With Multilingual SEO in 2016

14 Dec, 2015 – Multilingual Search engine Optimization (multilingual SEO) is one of the first strategies to divert the targeted prospects in various countries directing to an online business. Golden Way Media company with years of experience in online marketing is one of the pioneers in multilingual digital marketing and online positioning for businesses in Europe and North America.

“Google frequently updates their algorithms and places new challenges in front of companies around the world. There are many reasons as to why a website loses ranking or never gets to Google’s first page. These challenges are such as: lack of the right on page optimization, wrong link building campaigns, negative SEO, link attack by competitors, lack of the right social media marketing, not following Google ‘s guidelines in terms of on page and off page optimization and finally lack of press releases. We have been having many conversations with companies and some of them do not believe in SEO. They are happy with their clients. They do not have any ambition of getting rich. The majority of companies do not know the potential of multilingual seo in their marketing campaigns. Should everybody run such campaigns?  The answer is no.”

“We were the first company in the world who presented multilingual SEO a few years ago. Why did we do it? It just happened. Since we know languages, we helped businesses in North America, Europe and Asia with online promotion in various languages. Then we got really good at it. We saw sales coming in for our clients though our campaigns.  We went through long hours working for our customers in order to keep their websites well positioned online by applying the right technical SEO and drive in sales without using much Pay Per Click. The flow of orders kept coming in. Media companies in the UK, Germany, USA, Sweden and Denmark outsourced their multilingual SEO projects to us. Our campaigns consist of: multilingual content writing, multilingual Pay Per Click and multilingual social media marketing campaigns. We closed more than 6000 major multilingual SEO projects for companies around the world within various niches such as: health care, fashion and clothing, Travel business, nonprofit organizations and much more. Our projects were successful. Through our effort we helped companies to get their businesses off the ground. We laid out strategies for some businesses to succeed in Scandinavia. One of our German clients in clothing and shoe business was able to reach to 2.9 billion Euro in Europe back in 2013. Now they dominate online for their brand and business. We helped travel agencies from nowhere to be found to become Nr. 1 in business in their countries. This is how we are running our business through helping the others. We also opened the doors for those who did not have financial ability but had the drive and ambition. This is how we made multilingual SEO a trend a few years ago. Now everybody is talking about it,” smiles Maria Johnsen CEO of Golden Way Media.

About Golden Way Media

Golden Way Media is located in Trondheim, Norway. The company runs International SEO  and multilingual digital marketing for businesses who wish to maximize their online exposure. The staff are multilingual SEO, search marketing and social media marketing experts who come from various nationalities and educational backgrounds. The company specializes in providing services to companies that need a reliable partner to increase their sales and online visibility.

Golden Way Media company provides excellent reliable products and services at cost effective prices, unequaled services and great customer support. When a company chooses Golden Way Media, a dedicated experienced staff member will work with the client personally through every phase of project and anytime they may need further assistance.

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