Indian students in Tokyo shine in first ever International Workshop of Japan conducted by Kshitij Education India and Global Indian International School

India’s No 1 online coaching academy in engineering and medical entrance examination, now reaches the shores of Japan with its education and counselling solutions, this time around for the students of the eminent Global Indian International School for Indians in the heart of Tokyo, Japan.

A part of the initiative of the Global Schools Foundation, an International chain of schools based across countries in Asia, Global Indian International School, aims at providing quality Indian education to the children of Japan.  Based out of Tokyo, the CBSE affiliated Indian school follows a holistic approach at nurturing the young minds at excelling at every focus areas in life both professional and personal.

Mr Prashant Ranjan, Founder & CEO of Kshitij Education India, also an admired entrepreneur in the field of Education Technology space was invited to present an informative talk to the students and their parents over a 2-day long insightful counselling session on the 31st of Oct and 2nd of November 2015.

Kshitij Education India & GIIS Tokyo together offered its diverse set of students comprising Japanese close to the tune of 40% and the rest as Indian students, a golden opportunity to gain insights on various career opportunities available after their middle school.

While undergraduate (UG) level academic choices and options were the main focus of the discussion for the students and their parents, Mr Prashant Ranjan, enthralled the audience with a fair share of technical and non technical elements in the counselling session.

On 31st of Oct, the Day 1 of the workshop, Mr Prashant Ranjan, based on his years of experience in the field of education, shared his invaluable tips on how to crack the SAT with a set of proper strategies in place. A number of invaluable strategies on each of the 3 sections of SAT were discussed especially on how a student can enhance his vocabulary and look at the reading section with the algorithms to crack the SAT with flying colours.

He inspired the students to derive the best out of their daily interactions with the outer world through social media, digital media and the print media to prepare for the Scholastic Aptitude Test.

Apart from highlighting the different tricks on the verbal and quantitative abilities of the students for a successful future, Mr Ranjan also spoke about international locations such as the USA, Europe, Asia and Australasia as the destinations for higher studies. The relative advantages of each of the locations, stating the what some of the top universities have to offer in terms of subjects, streams and their respective ranks in the country were presented. Besides what each of these locations have to offer to the international students in terms of scholarships and financial aids were also deliberated.

In the 1st leg of the 3 hour long counselling session, Mr Prashant Ranjan, carried out a comparative analysis of the boards and highlighted the relative pros and cons of each of the boards namely, CBSE, ICSE and IB. It was also discussed as to how CBSE as a board is a highly preferred and considered a mascot of Indian Education system in the international secondary and higher secondary arena, as it encompasses a wider span of subjects in mathematics and science which serves a perfect base for all the competitive examination from EJU, SAT or IIT a student might wish to take to enter his or her UG level.

On the motivational side, Mr Ranjan resorted to a lighter note to foster an instantaneous connect with the students and their parents alike. Mr Ranjan, cited the oft quoted line of the famous physicist Ernest Rutherford “All science is either Physics or stamp collecting” to reinforce the underlying theme of the workshop to develop a synergy between the curriculum of science and maths and the study of nature, even through seemingly simple activities such as playing games on mobile phones. Especially with the mention of popular mobile games such as Asphalt (car racing) and other 3D puzzles and brought forth a completely novel way of looking at these games. How mobile games can enhance the visualisation power of the students and by ensuring a proper strategy in place how students can strike a perfect poise in their preparation for EJU, IIT, SAT and Boards were discussed.

Underscoring the importance of analytical and quantitative abilities of the students, on 2nd of November 2015, the Day 2 of the 2-day long interactive session, close to 95% Technical in nature where in hard core intellectually stimulating technical discussions were carried out to apprise the students the beauty of engineering and medicine as avenues for furthering their careers. 

Besides JEE and AIPMT coaching, Kshitij Education India has made significant advances in different locations across the globe in terms of providing educational counselling services . Kshitij, a pioneer in the field of education technology in India, today has touched upon the lives of several thousands of students across the globe. A typical counselling session of Kshitij, entails a hard core technical discussion in the field of Science and Mathematics, offering a glimpse of what it takes to get into the centers of excellence across the globe.

Students and teachers alike, across the globe, have invariably come up with rave reviews on the workshops of Kshitij Education India. Mr Prashant Ranjan, a holder of the best innovators award in the field of education technology from the MHRD India, is a gifted speaker and have been invited in multiple schools in both Indian and international locations to deliver his lectures on both technical and non technical things.

A firm believer in the concept of visualisation and simplification of seemingly intricate concepts in the field of Science and Technology, Mr Ranjan of Kshitij Education India, has inspired several lives via his highly interactive counselling sessions. Mr Prashant Ranjan’s high-impact discussions and presentations transform the mindset of the students, their approach towards preparation for both the boards and competitive exams ahead in life.

The underlying theme of every workshop of Kshitij Education India has been that all children have the ability to succeed in realising their dreams and competitive exams are nothing but small hurdles that temper them to be a better future professionals, Mr Ranjan intends to inspire his audience with his pep talk.

However, on being asked about his stint with GIIS, Tokyo, Mr Ranjan was waxing eloquent about the intellectually bright students of GIIS Tokyo, which represents an eclectic blend of Japanese and Indian students, the coexistence of the students as a representation of “Unity in Diversity”. Besides, even the teachers and instructors hailing from diverse nationalities from every part of the world, reverberates the philosophy of GIIS Tokyo, which is quite in sync with that of Kshitij Education India. As such Kshitij looks forward to a long standing association with the Global Indian International School in coming years.

Besides, from an engineering aspirant to an entrepreneur, there has been no stopping for Mr Prashant Ranjan since the time he started his professional journey.  As an Ex Consultant to the prestigious United Nations, has worked and successfully implemented several projects for the Food & Agriculture Organisation, the largest of all UN organizations. Mr Ranjan is the melting pot of ideas, harvested from all the endeavours he had made into his entrepreneurial career.

Inspired by the United Nations project on remote learning Mr Prashant Ranjan started Kshitij Education India in 2012; today Kshitij is reckoned as India’s no 1 Online Academy for engineering and medical entrance examination preparation. Initiated with a noble, non-profit intention of ensuring proper guidance to enterprising students across the country who cannot afford quality handholding at braving one of the toughest entrance exams of the worlds, Kshitij Education India, today boasts of a team of 28 IITians and NITians and Doctors under the aegis of Mr Prashant Ranjan. The revolutionary IITians@YourHome, highly interactive live online classes for JEE and PMT aspirants, is the brain child of this very young entrepreneur, who made quality and consistency of an IITian as a teacher and guide to all the IIT aspirants possible with it. Kshitij Education India and its founder Mr Ranjan is regarded the pioneer at introducing the full two-way duplex communicative system in the online tutorial space of India. Today Kshitij Education India is the only name that shines high based on its quality and merit, with its vast and diverse student base from Tokyo to Calgary.

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