Lyra Glassware, M/s Excel Housewares New Venture Offers Future Inspired Glassware

India’s leading Manufacturer of Glassware and Kitchenware products, M/s Excel Housewares recently announced their branch out venture: Lyra Glassware, an exclusively designed range of glassware. Lyra Glassware will include glassware products that take inspiration from contemporary design and style to offer people exquisite design, quality and affordability encompassed into one. Each offering of Lyra Glassware has been crafted to an extremely high standard of quality, using superior raw materials and craftsmanship, designed for the daily use of the retail customers.

Discussing the launch of the Lyra Glassware, The M/s Excel Housewares spokesperson said: “Carrying forward their brand promise of ‘Future Inspired Glassware’, M/s Excel Housewares Pvt. Ltd. adds a new gem to its wide range of quality Glassware and Kitchenware products – Lyra Glassware. With its range of extremely stylish and modern glassware, Lyra is carefully and efficiently designed to offer Light Weight and Economical Glassware products to elevate the daily lifestyle of customers.”

The entire line of glassware products including beer mugs has been designed by keeping newer ages modular kitchens in mind that exude modern functionality and streamlined designs, in the same way Lyra products are meticulously designed to meet the demands of all Glass lovers and Food Service Professionals as well as those who appreciate great quality glassware for use at their home.  The offerings include a comprehensive line of glassware including durable designs that are suitable for everyday use including coffee mugs and water tumblers, also delicate pieces for the special occasions such as soft drink glasses.

The spokesperson further added: “Our team of efficient designers work towards creating a range of modern designs to help improve the lifestyle of our customers”. With our motto of “future inspired glassware” we commit to offer a wide range of quality glassware and kitchenware products to our customers. Each of our product ranges has been carefully identified and developed to provide a value addition in the lifestyle of our customers providing them with satisfaction and happiness.

The glassware’s innovative, ergonomic, practical and aesthetically pleasing design with extra attention towards using eco-friendly raw materials make it the perfect as a gift for the upcoming holiday season. In the future the team behind Lyra is enthusiastic about created better and more future inspired designs to maintain the highest standards of customer satisfaction.


LYRA Glassware has been created by M/s Excel Housewares Pvt. Ltd. as a Range of Extremely Stylish and Modern Glassware. Shapes and Designs developed to offer a Wide Assortment of Light Weight and economical Glassware Products for the Daily use of the Retail Customers.

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