Lyabunmi Moore Releases an Inspirational New Book, “If You Want It, Speak It!”

An inspiring guidebook of daily affirmations for focus, motivation, and success!

More than just a collection of daily affirmations and using personal anecdotes to illustrate why affirmations are an essential part of a better life, Iyabunmi A. Moore – with her release of an inspirational new book: “If You Want It, Speak It!” – teaches how effectively to use affirmations to get any desired result.

Broken into sections, “If You Want It, speak It” serves as a guide to different focuses of life:

• Money
• Health
• Success, and
• Spiritual Connection Affirmations

Included in each section is an overview of the purpose of the listed affirmations and practices to help anyone get connected to, get excited by and attracted to your potential growth in that area. Space is also provided to write personal affirmations.

“As soon as I started with Bunmi’s affirmations, I could feel my confidence increasing and my belief in myself rising.” – D. Johnson, Retired Teacher

“You have injected me with some power to put into action and share with everyone I come into contact with.” – Joy Bryant, Home Business Entrepreneur

Iyabunmi wrote “If You Want It, Speak It” to spread her message of daily affirmations to all those who want to see positive changes in their lives. Helping others awaken their own potential and empowering those who want to greatly improve their lives through the use of daily affirmations is Iyabunmi’s goal in life.

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Iyabunmi A. Moore knows all about empowerment: her initials themselves spell I AM! Only a few years ago, Iyabunmi had several life challenges that were a heavy weight on her shoulders: she was in debt, losing her home, her romantic relationship was suffering, she was questioning her spiritual connection with God, and she felt absolutely strained and stressed under the cares of trying to be so much to so many people.

“The Quality of your thinking determines the quality of your life,” Iyabunmi always says, and she couldn’t be more right! After turning her own life around using time tested positive mindset principles, she now dedicates her time and efforts to teaching others the Power of Mind to help turn their lives around too!

Iyabunmi’s casual and friendly tone throughout “If You Want It, Speak It” makes the reader feel like he or she is just sitting down and having coffee with a friend. A friend who can totally change and transform your life! Iyabunmi knows the spoken word, the power of daily affirmations and how they can empower any person to do amazing things, and she wants to share this power with you!

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