Rangefinders Changing the Landscape of Target Shooting and Hunting

According to Target Tamers, rangefinders are helping hunters and marksmen around the world hit their marks on the first try more consistently

With the development and rise in popularity of rangefinders, the face of target shooting and hunting is changing. Marksmen and hunters are finding that they are able to hit their targets on the first try more consistently with the assistance of rangefinders. The Target Tamers team has released information documenting this trend.

According to Simon at Target Tamers, “With the ever evolving technology found in laser rangefinders, hunters worldwide are hitting their mark more and more often.”

Target Tamers says that there are a number of factors that have led to the rise in popularity of rangefinders. One factor, their team says, is that rangefinders aren’t as expensive as they once were. Other factors include advancements in technology and overall ease of accessibility. Now, rangefinders can be found online and in-store at hunting and outdoor goods stores around the world.

“10 years ago, only 2 out of 10 people could tell you what a rangefinder was. Today, if you’re enthusiastic about rifle hunting, target shooting, archery, tactical training, or even if you’re just fanatic about using gadgets for military use, then you are the very person that needs to know what a digital rangefinder is if you don’t already. They’re so user-friendly, convenient, and affordable that there’s really no excuse you should be without one,” said the Target Tamers team.

Rangefinders aren’t just used for hunting and target shooting, however. They are also used by golfers to determine distances. There are differences between golf and shooting rangefinders, a topic that Target Tamers goes to great lengths to discuss on their website.

When it comes to shooting, hunters are finding that rangefinders are revolutionizing the way their sport is done. Not only are rangefinders making them more accurate, but the devices are also making hunting more humane. When hunters are accurate on the first shot, this ensures that deer and other hunted animals don’t suffer unnecessarily. Hunters don’t have to chase down wounded animals through tough terrain. Instead, they can rest assured that they take down their kill with one careful shot.

Not only are rangefinders finding use in rifle hunting, but they’re making waves in the bow hunting world. A recently published article at Target Tamers, “Wildgame Innovations Rangefinders for Bow and Rifle Hunting”, explains more.

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