Artist T-MO releases his brand new song ‘Higher’ on iTunes

The emerging artist Trevor Price, better known as T-Mo has released his new song named, Higher, which inspires people to rise higher in their life. The song, available on iTunes and Sound cloud is about getting higher and achieving goals in life. 

The song by artist T-MO also featured Tayloe who has put her mesmerizing voice to the song and made it even more pleasant to the ears. The music of the song is pretty indulging and catchy.

The song is inspired from the new age music and expected to be liked by those who enjoy chilling and relaxing music. T-MO also leads a music group which features a number of emerging and talented artists who’re willing to make a mark in the music industry.

The artists are a rap group from Suffolk, Virginia that works hard to create music and perform on stage. Loyal Trendsetters consists of five people Trevor Price (T-Mo), Casey Gilbert (Chris_Dolmeth), Shane Vogler ($ty!e), Michael Cook ($andman), And Justin Brophy (Lil Broph).

T-MO has released many other songs as well on sound cloud such as ‘What you gonna do’, ‘A definition’ and more. All of these songs feature feet tapping tunes as well as peppy lyrics and received positive feedback from the listeners all over the world.

Over the past few decades, the music has really changed and so is the music industry. A variety of new instruments and technology has arrived which has given birth to the popular Dubstep, trance and hard core metal genre of music.

The music industry has been open and welcoming to the new artists like never before. Due to the advancement of technology and emergence of a wide variety of platforms such as Sound cloud, iTunes and more, it has become a bit easier for the emerging artists to showcase their music and reach out to a large number of audience.

Internet has also played a major role in providing the artists and singers a great exposure.  Multiple opportunities are available for the budding talent and this is why more and more artists are following their passion and expressing it to the world.

Artist T-MO and his group has started from the scratch to create songs for the modern youth and spreading it with the help of popular music platforms.  Under his album, ‘Maturity before a teen’ he has released many songs which were loved by the new generation and made it to many night clubs due to the hip hop beats and kinky lyrics.  

T-MO and his group are making all the efforts to create the best quality music which becomes popular among the youth, and ultimately wish to reach at the top of music charts.

The song ‘Higher’ can be listened to on Soundcloud.

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