StandPro, the next generation of mobile stand is now available on Indiegogo

Mobile devices have pretty much become an inseparable part of our life and many of the routine activities has started to depend on it such watching an instruction video on mobile phone working out, watching song videoswhilehaving dinner and more.

Often these small tasks get hindered because one hand is busy holding the mobile device and the user can’t focus completely on the other task. But going by the saying that necessity is the mother of innovation, StandPro has launched their unique and innovative mobile stand on Indiegogo which can not only hold mobile phone effectively but tablets and even laptops.

The stand is a compact sized yet amazingly strong which features a washable sticky pad that can hold any mobile devicesfirmly so that the user can have their hands free to do other stuffs such as playing guitar, eating and watching, and more.

With StandPro, user won’t have to stiffen their arms for clicking the perfect picture because the stand will hold the mobile while the user can click great pictures. The sticky bottom can be used to keep the stand fixed even on curvy surfaces without any risk of falling and with the help of add on strap the user can fix their device on their thigh.

Sang Le, the founder of StandPro, and a frequent mobile phone user, observed that it’s always a hassle to hold the mobile while doing other activities and as a tech enthusiast he went on to find the best possible solution for this before finally coming with the advanced mobile stand, StandPro. After months of hard work and continuous improvements, he along with his team came up with the final product which is potentially the best in its category.

Using Facetime, video calling, watching videos or movies over mobile phone will now be smoother like never before with StandPro.  The one of its kind product supports up to 3 kg of weight and it can be used to hold laptops for better typing position and smooth cooling process of the device.

With all the information available at the tip of the fingers through mobile phone and other devices, it is expected that StandPro is going to bring much delight to many people across the world.

By freeing hands from the shackles of holding a mobile, the user will be able to do many tasks more effectively and conveniently. Also, considering all the utility features it offers there isn’t much surprise that the fund raising campaign for the product is receiving a great response.

The goal is to raise $10,000 and the backers have a chance to get StandPro at an early bird price of $20 through the Indiegogo campaign. The amount raised will also help the owners to develop, manufacture and distribute the product in bulk.

Media Contact
Company Name: Galatek Ltd.
Contact Person: Sang Le
Phone: +84937 511 277
Country: HongKong