City of Light Promises to Be a Landmark Spiritual Center for All Faiths

Near the town of Belen, New Mexico an interfaith group called the Spirit of the Lotus (SOL) is creating a truly wonderful community. This City of Light will be built on a nearby mesa and will include a twenty acre Retreat Center as well as housing plots along with structures necessary to support a thriving community. The City of Light will be unlike any other municipality in the United States. This town will build bridges between people of all religious faiths, nationalities, and social backgrounds.

The City of Light is an ambitious project that will offer visitors a powerful and moving experience. The Retreat Center will include, among other things, an amphitheater, gardens, dormitories, classrooms, Healing Center, cafeteria and parking areas. This and other facilities will be constructed in an environmentally conscious way to minimize impact on the beautiful and fruitful local setting. A highly acclaimed architectural firm, Environmental Dynamics, has already been hired to design the Retreat Center for this community of spiritual empowerment, healing, and meditation.

Although the land for the City of Light is ready to be developed, there is currently no road that connects the mesa with state throughways. SOL, which is a non-profit group with 501(c)(3) status, has sponsored a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo to raise the $60,000 needed to construct the 24-foot wide, four mile long road. Any monetary donation to his important project is tax deductible. Moreover, donors can receive valuable perks like postcards, Archangel Michael Prayers, Protection/Prosperity Prayers, handmade totes, Prayer Beads, a personalized reading with Rev. Tara Lang, life coaching sessions, or a memorial brick. To learn more about the City of Light or to make a donation, please visit

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