Roofer’s Rates Help Homeowners Avoid Cowboy Roofing Contractors

Each year homeowners find themselves being a victim of cowboy builders. Cowboy builders have become such a big problem; there are now TV shows in the UK and around the world warning people. One site that goes the extra mile and helps people understand what they should and should not pay is

The UK has become a hot spot for cowboy builders, leaving tens of thousands of victims with unfinished or shoddy work, while tens of thousands more victims have found themselves paying a great deal more than they should have paid. Now, thanks to the launch of a new consumer awareness website called Roofer’s Rates, homeowners can now avoid cowboy builders by knowing what they should and should not be paying for building work on their property.

The site was launched to help homeowners understand what they should and should not be paying when requiring the work of a builder or roofer. When requiring work on a property some of the quotes can vary by a huge amount, when in reality, the prices for building work should be around the same average price.

Roofer’s Rates provide details of a range of services, which builders and roofers offer and the price that should be charged. They include prices for:

Scaffold Costs

Roofline Fascia and Soffit Boards

Cost to Replace Flat Roof Coverings/Felt

Repointing Chimney Bricks

Replace Roof Cement to Gable

Roof Cleaning and Coating

New Rainwater Guttering

Replace Broken Roof Tiles

The cowboy builder’s awareness site also provides lots of information and videos to help homeowners understand more about the services that should be provided and the way they should do it. That includes roof cleaning, where Roofer’s Rates provide a step-by-step explanation of what is involved in the service of cleaning a roof. Through this information, homeowners will be able to know if they have received the full service for their money and if the service has been provided properly.

Roofer’s Rates hopes by providing this information and by making more people aware, cowboy builders will have to hang up their tools and find an honest way of earning a living. The site has already helped homeowners around the UK avoid being overcharged and helped them be a victim of a cowboy builder.

To learn more about Roofer’s Rates and the prices that should be charged by roofers and builders, please visit

About Roofer’s Rates

Roofer’s Rates provides consumers with honest advice about the cost of roofing and building work. The site helps homeowners avoid cowboy builders and helps reduce the number of victims who are overcharged for work being done on their property.

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