Emi Ai Launches Campaign on Headtalker To Empower Girls Where Cash And Prizes Can Be Won

A new campaign has been launched on Headtalker to empower girls. The campaign is offering prizes and has been launched by Emi Ai. The #EmiPREPGirlsShine campaign will support a global good awareness group that supports empowering girls!

A new campaign has been launched on Headtalker by Emi Ai to empower girls and bring out their inner-shine. The campaign #EmiPREPGirlsShine where cash and prizes can be won has already gained support from over 16 million people and is expected to reach over 32 million people.

The #EmiPREPGirlsShine campaign (headtalker.com/campaigns/emiprepgirlsshine), which has become one of the most successful campaigns on Headtalker, sends out a clear message that it’s important to empower girls and give them the confidence they need.

The world has changed in recent years; there is now more pressure on young girls in their everyday. According to NYU Child Study Centre, the average age of a girl when her self-esteem drop is nine. The study found that 60% of girls Grade 5-12 are dissatisfied with their body image, which is a direct result of false images in magazines of models. It was also found that half of all girls by the age of ten had tried some form of diet, believing they were overweight. The shocking results went even further where it was found that 75% of girls who lacked confidence and self-esteem turned to smoking, drinking, using drugs and disordered eating. Emi Ai wants to turn these figures on their heads and help young girls increase their confidence and is looking for support in her campaign to Empower Girls and bring out their inner shine.

In the world where girls are faced with growing daily pressures, which is not helped by the media portraying that every woman in America and around the world should be a size zero, more needs to be done to support young women. Emi Ai hopes her campaign will not only send out a message to young girls that they should be proud of who they are and what they look like, but she also hopes it sends out a message to mums, dads, sisters, brothers, and relatives to empower young girls within their family.

Emi Ai is no stranger in helping young girls to boost their confidence and inner strength. She recently mentored a group of girls in Miami with volunteer counselors and her brother Jeff.  That involved a full day of snorkeling, surfing lessons and jet skiing. The girls were taught many different self-esteem building exercises and how to increase confidence. The event was a huge success and Emi wants to continue that success by getting the world behind her campaign.

To learn more about the campaign, please visit https://headtalker.com/campaigns/emiprepgirlsshine/

About Empower Girls & Bring Out Their Inner-Shine Campaign

The campaign has been launched by Emi Ai, and can be seen by visiting https://headtalker.com/campaigns/emiprepgirlsshine/

The campaign hopes to encourage people around the world to help empower young girls and increase their confidence and inner strength.

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