Spring Hill Preschool Owner Identifies Five Important Facts Every Parent Should Know When Choosing a Preschool

Parents looking for the right Preschool, must uncover five key areas before making a final decision.

Choosing a preschool can be highly stressful for any parent. Leaving your child with anyone is an important decision and one that requires some due diligence.

Julie Henry, along with her husband Tim Henry, built Primrose School of Spring Hill, one of the top preschools in Spring Hill, TN.  She has recommendations on five factors every parent should discover before choosing a preschool.

“While I would love for every child to experience Primrose firsthand, we are not for everyone. I do want to make sure parents are equipped with the knowledge they need to choose the right school for them.” says Julie.

Below are Julie’s top five tips before making a commitment:

1. Know that the school is safe

Parents should want to know about the schools emergency plan and if there is enough staff, including leadership team members, on site to respond in an emergency situation.

2. Know they will provide the education being sought

Whether seeking academics or social and emotional development as well, parents should be sure to inquire about specific programs and activities that address your needs. Research shows a school that takes a “whole child” approach can be a benefit.

3. Know if the school has been evaluated by third parties or if they have accreditations.

Julie says “Don’t be afraid to ask the tough questions about a schools credentials. For instance, Primrose holds corporate systems accreditation by AdvancED under their Standards for Quality Early Learning Schools.  AdvancED is the same organization that accredits Williamson County Schools and Vanderbilt University. These are the types of things you will want to know when it comes to your child’s early education.”

4. Know how the school will keep parents informed.

Items such as what the children ate that day as well as activities he/she participated in are just two of the things most parents want to know. An extra bonus would be if the school emails a picture of the child to the parent each day.

5. Know what parents get for the cost

Besides finding a school that fits the budget, parents will want to know if the price includes meals and enrichment programs or if these cost extra.

Parents that are looking for a preschool in Spring Hill, TN; keep these factors in mind in locating the right school.

For parents that are still in the process of deciding can learn more about the Primrose School of Spring Hill by visiting their website: www.PrimroseSpringHill.com

For a more firsthand view, call to schedule a private tour: 615-302-8544.

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