BREDER SUASSO Sets New Standard In International Banking – Launches The First Offshore Bank Account For Mid-Size Clients With A Minimum Deposit Requirement

BREDER SUASSO opens both private and corporate offshore accounts for corporations registered in any of the major offshore jurisdictions, such as Panama, Hong Kong, UK, Belize, BVI, Seychelles, and as fast as 72 hours.

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND, July 14, 2014. People who wanted to participate in International Banking always had to be prepared for a huge outlay of funds to get started. All that is changed thanks to BREDER SUASSO, who is making International and Offshore Banking accessible to more and more people through their minimal deposit requirements. This is the first time that mid-size clients have the opportunity to open such accounts. No longer do people need to fall under the Swiss or Luxembourg, Panama, style of requirements which means a minimum of 500,000 USD deposit. Now with BREDER SUASSO Bank, clients may open an account with as low as a 2,500 USD.

Never been offered by any bank before is the opportunity to have an unlimited amount of Visa cards within one account. Anyone wishing to get 100 cards needs to just open a corporate account for their offshore company and order them, according to a company spokesperson. While all the usual banks take up to 6 weeks to open an account, BREDER SUASSO can do it in 72-hours. The company reports that they have introduced a new paradigm into the world of Pre-Paid Banking. Breder Suasso is launching the first Prepaid Card with an individual Bank Account Number, enabling them to even use this account as a private account. Usually, all the other prepaid card companies use one account number for all of their clients.

BREDERSUASSO has made it easy for small enterprises to have an offshore account and take advantage of the offshore tax structures by doing their business offshore and using structures such as BVI, Seychelles, Panama, and Hong Kong registered companies that are Tax Free. Moreover, all of the major and well-known banks do not allow incoming and outgoing daily transfers, in other words, the money brought there is for investment purpose only, which is not the case with BREDER SUASSO, as clients are free to do as many transactions as they want by simply using their online account tool.

They have re-invented the Prepaid Bank System, as clients may even send funds out elsewhere, while with the usual Prepaid Card companies receive the funds and load the cards, BREDER SUASSO offers money transfers without limitation, and they can choose either to spend it from their card or to resend it abroad. With accounts in over 20 major currencies, their clients get the advantage of negotiating the most lucrative deals across borders.

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