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Aedis Appraisals is an expert appraisals and consulting company that serves a broad range of customers in Vancouver and Toronto.

Toronto, Ontario – December 14, 2015 – Accurate and prompt valuation of commercial properties is of great importance for any business. At Aedis Appraisals, experts ensure 100% accuracy for every commercial property appraisal by using a minimum of two valuation approaches.

Additionally, Aedis Appraisals works with its affiliate company, Aedis Realty to obtain the data for thorough analysis of market rents as well as the vacancy rates. Access to such exclusive sources of data when combined with the team of expert real estate appraisers in Toronto at this organisation; offer the most precise picture about the property to be evaluated.

Aedis Appraisals has built a new commercial form report for the valuation of commercial properties ranging from industrial units to commercial retail outlets. Several clients from the banking sector have implemented this form to satisfy their regular valuation needs. Banks and lenders using this method have reported quick and efficient results and seem to enjoy the more streamlined approach offered by this form. Additionally the consistency of the process has proven to be a very cost effective approach.

Clients can also submit their property assessment request through the website. Aedis Appraisals understands the potential damage that can be caused by a delayed appraisal and therefore ensures that all requests are attended to with utmost perfection under all circumstances.

A member of the commercial valuation team was quoted saying “The minute that your appraisal request is submitted through the website, it is emailed to our dispatch system for immediate attention. The best part of the process is that you, the client, are able to track the progress of your appraisal order. This is done by logging in and viewing the status of your orders. This appraisal status is constantly updated online as it changes. If you wish, you can even have emails delivered to you for specifically designated status changes!” when asked about the unique advantage of partnering with this real estate appraisal firm in Toronto.

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