S&D Consulting Assures Highly-Specialized & Tailor-Made Process Control Engineering

S & D Consulting – Refining Process Control Consulting
S&D Consulting assures competitive edge for petrochemical & refining companies across USA, New Zealand as well as Australia through highly-specialized & tailor-made automation consulting & plant litigation support services.

Houston, Texas – December 14, 2015 – The international process industry sector features a cut-throat competition and for those looking to stand out, S&D Consulting has assured highly-specialized & tailor-made process control engineering.

A leading name across global process industry support sector, S&D caters to petrochemical & refining companies across USA, New Zealand as well as Australia. The company specializes in automation consulting & plant litigation support services.

“We assure you the desired competitive edge in the industry with our expert petrochemical process design & experienced project management. The automation consulting pros here assure individualized attention to each client to ensure increased efficiency, profits & appropriate adherence to the regulatory controls,” stated the manager from S&D Consulting.

Speaking further, the manager commented on the four important services offered by the company- Process Control and Automation, Project Management and Economic Analysis, Process Design and Troubleshooting as well as Expert Witness Analysis, Testimony and Litigation Support.

He added, “We understand that no two companies are same and hence we make sure to support with a tailor-made assistance to ensure direct results to your bottom line. We get to root of the client’s challenge to guarantee practical & sustainable solutions. Our hands-on & innovative approaches enable us to offer you the exact desired results- in tune with the specific reality of your particular situation.”

S&D maintains affiliation with a long roster of expert individuals & firms in the sphere of process-control engineering, litigation support & automation consulting.

A senior consultant from the company informed of their “network and collaborate” business approach where companies & individuals equipped with expertise, systems & skills needed to address client’s challenge -are gathered together under one single source. In his words, unlike “expand and grow approach, that results in “decline and contract”, S&D’s model assures adaptability and flexibility.

The company even offers various training courses on – Dynamic Analysis of Process Design, Distillation Control and Obtaining & maintaining Operational Excellence in Process Industry.

About S&D Consulting

S&D Consulting is a leading process control engineering company which offers automation consulting & plant litigation support services to petrochemical & refining companies.

For more info, visit http://www.sdconsulting.com/

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