The Best Bike Lock Publishes New Guide on the Best Ways to Lock a Bike in Public is not only helping people get the most secure locks, but helping them use these locks in the best ways to secure their bike and its expensive components.

Cycling is becoming more and more popular as dense city centers become ever more choked up with traffic. Bikes also offer a far more environmentally friendly way to travel large distances, and help to keep people fit in the process. The only problem cyclists face besides crazy drivers is securing their bike once they have completed their commute. The Best Bike Lock is an online resource center that helps people understand how to purchase the best possible lock for their needs, and has now published a new guide as to how best to secure a bike once the lock has been purchased. 

The new guide provides a comprehensive, step by step guide to the best places to lock up a bike in public, how best to use the lock to secure the components, the different locking methods available, and how to secure a bike once at home. The guide is written in easy to read plain English and comes with demonstrative illustrations to help people grasp the tactics employed. 

The guide is one of the most comprehensive of its kind online, and even has a walk-through of ground anchors for securing the bike at a permanent residence. Taken together with the bike lock buying guide, the site provides all the tools, tips and tricks necessary to secure a bike in any environment.

A spokesperson for The Best Bike Lock explained, “We have comprehensive guides to u-locks, chain locks, wheel and seat security and more, but we quickly came to realize that these would not make the best difference if you don’t know how to lock your bike, which is why we have created this new guide. Now individuals can make the right consumer decisions and then pair that with the best locking techniques for maximum security.”

About The Best Bike Lock

The Best Bike Lock aims to provide a complete guide to bicycle security. Established in 2014, they aim to help people find bike locks and security systems that adequately protect their bikes in a way that is practical for everyday use. There are too many people using bike locks that either don’t protect their bikes properly or are difficult to use on a daily basis. The site shares safe, affordable and easy to use bicycle security systems for everyone. 

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