BYStudio Packaging Design Agency in Los Angeles Receives Award for Innovative Packaging

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BYStudio, a packaging design agency in Los Angeles, is honored to receive an award for their creative and innovative package design and development work by the Los Angeles Award Program which focuses only on the best local businesses in their category.

Los Angeles, California – December 14, 2015 – BYStudio is pleased to announce that they have won an award for innovative product packaging design from the Los Angeles Award Program. The Los Angeles Award Program honors the achievements and accomplishments of local businesses throughout Los Angeles. This honor comes despite stiff competition from many other packaging design agencies in Los Angeles and BYStudio is proud to come out on top.

Asked to explain their formula for product packaging design success, Barbara Yeh, creative director at BYStudio explains, “Every client is unique and we need to understand their distinctive brand story, but the creative package design process stays consistent. We thoroughly research the company’s brand history, the product category, the competitive playing field and the target audience. From there, we create a strategic creative brief which becomes the filter through which packaging design decisions are made. We then create product packaging design mock-ups that will strengthen our clients’ brand image, tell their brand story and set them apart from the competition. This award highlights all of the hard work we put into designing product packaging that’s truly smart, eye-catching and groundbreaking,” says Barbara.

Because there has never been more competition on the retail shelf, it is more critical than ever for product packaging to stand out and communicate its value proposition at a glance. Since recent studies have shown that the typical consumer will dedicate only four seconds to any particular product on the shelf, BYStudio focuses on clarity and simplicity for their product packaging. Barbara explains, “The most important aspect about effective packaging communication is to clearly convey what the product is and build brand recognition and product association.”

The package designers at BYStudio pride themselves on their dedication in creating custom product packaging structures and designs that increases brand value, connects with the target audience and makes an impact on the retail shelf. Every brand has an extraordinary story and delivering that story using design, colors, text and original packaging design is what they do best.

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BYStudio is a professional packaging design agency in Los Angeles, California. As a package design agency they specialize in custom-tailored packaging design for businesses that want to strengthen their brand image and sell more products. BYStudio’s fresh and imaginative package design services include comprehensive competitive analysis and target market research to create memorable product packaging designs that pop off the shelf.

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