Wartune’s Browser to Book IGG – Top Perks Already Gone

Proficient City, publishers of the internationally acclaimed browser RPG, have launch a campaign on Indiegogo to fund the novelization of the popular game. The most expensive perks have already been purchased.

On November 26 at 8pm (EST), Proficient City launched its Indiegogo campaign for the Wartune novel. Players and backers can follow the progress of this project on Wartune Official Website and its Facebook fan page.

Wartune launched over three years ago. This world-famous browser game focuses on player experience while constantly striving for perfection. As a result of the efforts made by the development and publishing teams, the number of global registrants has already surpassed 10 million users. After 3 years the staff at Proficient City have decided to share more of Wartune’s magical world with its players, and to do so in a way they previously haven’t attempted.

The campaign had a bit of a rocky start, but three of the more dedicated players scooped up the three most expensive perks by the fourth day. This perk, priced at $1000, included some in-game rewards and other trinkets, but also gives the backer the chance to write an acknowledgement at the back of the book. The team running the campaign has stated that they don’t intend to increase the amount of rewards, so it looks like there won’t be any more acknowledgements.

The team received some concern from their fans about their choice of author, but is standing by the relatively unknown Chioma Osifo. “There is a magic to her writing,” says Xitou Lee, Proficient City’s COO, “She draws you in.” Chioma has written two previous books – Regrets, and A Circle.

Wartune’s Browser to Book IGG - Top Perks Already Gone

According to Wartune staff this has been one of their most successful events on Facebook, reaching almost seven times their normal amount of likes, shares, and comments. They credit a large amount of the success to the Novel Art contest, where they gave players the chance to have their art featured in the book.

When Rachel Tang, the team’s social media manager, was asked about the contest she responded: “We do not care the art is good or not, we just want to see what players can do! We want to see what Wartune looks like through their eyes.” By seeing these arts from the players, maybe wartune will get some good inspirations as well.

The novel itself will explore Wartune’s history, giving context to a game that has previously emphasized gameplay. It is expected to be completed by June of 2016, and will initially only be released to Indiegogo backers, though Ms. Tang stats they have plans to share it with other players in the future.

The Novel Indiegogo campaign is scheduled to continue until December 28th. Check it out at http://igg.me/at/wartunenovel, if you need more information, please visit:



Proficient City, a branch of Game Hollywood, is an international online game company. They have offices in China and Europe, and we’ll soon be setting up an office in North America. The company focuses on innovating operations and strives for the perfect balance of content, gameplay and story.

For more information contact Ever Chen at ever@gamehollywood.com

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