Fentanyl and Teens

A professional at Lava Heights Academy is available to discuss any fears you may have regarding the potential drug use of your young person or teen.
A relatively new danger is facing our young people and teens.

Many adults are completely unaware of the drug known as fentanyl and the disastrous effects this drug may have on their young son or daughter.  However, this drug is gaining popularity among young drug users and has been directly attributed to overdoses in many states.

Authorities have noted a deadly drug combination with more media attention gaining ground across the US.  Dozens of individuals in Philadelphia, Chicago, St. Louis and Detroit have suffered from overdoses due to a combination of heroin or cocaine and fentanyl.  Some have died at the hands of a drug that is 50 to 100 times more potent than morphine.  This opiate pain reliever is recognized in the medical community for use after surgery or to treat severe pain disorders in patients.  A prescription-only medication, it can cause deadly outcomes when abused.

Parents question why their kids, aging 12 to 18, as well as their young adults, would ever risk death to experience a high from this medical treatment.  For most, it is an unwitting mistake.  Purchasing heroin on the street; they are often unaware of the composition of their chosen drug and fall prey to the inclusion of fentanyl as an additive.  However, there are other young addicts who are intentionally taking this drug in a desperate search for an ever-increasing high.  Users of fentanyl, heroin or other opioids soon suffer from addiction; their brains altered in such a way that minimizes their ability to exercise proper judgment or experience normal pleasures.  These drugs soon displace natural rewards such as food, family, friends and healthy endeavors.  Unfortunately, drugs of abuse eventually lose their ability to provide the initial rewarding “high.” This places the addict on a compulsive search for more drugs and increased drug potency, with a brain circuitry that has become increasingly desensitized.

The drug known as fentanyl has a superior potency, making it a good medication for extreme pain.  However, it has become an equally good target for abuse.  While it may not be as familiar as other prescription opiates (vicodin and oxycontin) or street drugs like heroin, its popularity is on the rise with young abusers, causing a wave of overdoses and deaths.  Its dangers are more likely the result of illicit drug manufacturing, than use as a diversion for non-medical purposes.  With its combination with heroin and use in powdered form, fentanyl becomes a dangerous intersection of prescription and street drugs. 

With the abuse of heroin and prescription painkillers continuing to grow in young people of all ages, educating our youth against the hazards of these types of drugs becomes increasingly important.  And alerting them to the growing prevalence of fentanyl, as well as its extreme side effects, could mean the difference of life or death for your young person or teen.  A professional at Lava Heights Academy is available to discuss any fears you may have regarding the potential drug use of your young person or teen.

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