The Unique Approach to Addiction Treatment

One of the most unique and highly successful approaches to drug and alcohol treatment for teens or young adult men is a program that includes an outdoor component.

When a teen or young adult comes to a treatment facility for assistance with breaking the bonds to drugs or alcohol, they are many times suffering from emotional and psychological issues which have contributed directly to their addiction problem.  Their attitude towards recovery may also be impacted by the steps that led them to a recovery program, in the first place.  Many times, those that approach treatment due to intervention by family and/or friends or as a court-imposed mandate, come with an attitude of resentment, anger, resistance and the delusion that they really don’t need help.  However, with the attention of a team of caring professionals and successful treatment modalities, a new healthy perspective and a substance-free lease on life is attainable for even the most resistant.

One of the most unique and highly successful approaches to drug and alcohol treatment for teens or young adult men is a program that includes an outdoor component.  By involving the challenges found in nature, growth experiences are available that can help recovery patients realize impactful changes in their personal perspectives.  Participation in these types of therapeutic programs offers teens and young adult men an opportunity to establish a deeper connection with their natural world.  They find themselves experiencing a greater sense of trust in those around them, through their experiences of teamwork during the outdoor experience.   It also fosters a sense of self-worth and accomplishment in a drug or alcohol-free environment that can be taken with them after they graduate from the program.

Each patient begins their recovery program with an initial treatment segment that involves extensive individual and family counseling opportunities, accompanied with an educational component that helps the patient understand the dynamics and impacts of substance abuse.  The recovering teen or young adult is also prepared for an excursion that will further help them challenge some of their predisposed attitudes towards themselves, those around them and a dependence on chemicals in order to navigate their world.  They are afforded a dynamic opportunity to establish a healthier approach to the issues of control, taking responsibility for one’s actions and how those actions can impact others. 

Challenging wilderness programs have been found to be highly instrumental in helping patients transform in many positive ways.  With the help of trained wilderness professionals and counseling specialists, recovery patients have been able to discover personal growth in areas such as self-reliance, responsibility, teamwork, leadership, confidence and self-knowledge.  These very important realizations can have a positive impact on long term recovery.  Accomplishing this experience with a group of teens and young adults who are dealing with the same challenges and afflictions can help the individual recovering teen or young adult gain greater insight into their own issues, through sharing with and helping those around them.

The successful completion of a recovering addict’s outdoor experience can contribute to greater feelings of self-esteem, joy and pleasure.  With an active participation in an extensive outdoor program, they can share in growth opportunities and develop skills that can later be drawn upon in order to deal with the difficult situations that may arise throughout their ongoing recovery process.

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