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“Bed bug Juveniles, also known as nymphs, progress through five separate stages on their way to adulthood. In order to shed their covering into the next stage, the bedbugs must ingest a blood meal. The complete life phase to grow into a mature insect can t”
Seattle area has been hit hard by these bloodsucking pests. Seattle exterminators are getting more calls than ever before for bed bug pest control services as incidences of infestations are on the rise. Many homeowners that suspect they have a bedbug infestation prefer to try and address the problem without the help of a Seattle pest control company. While it’s possible to do so, success depends greatly on using the right DIY bed bug removal method.

Identifying the Bed bugs and Bites

Before homeowners can consider DIY bed bug removal options or call Seattle exterminators to eliminate bed bugs, they first need to recognize the signs of infestation. The most obvious sign of bed bugs is seeing the bugs themselves. Often present on mattresses and upholstered furnishings, bed bugs are roughly the size of an apple seed and are light brown in color. Homeowners may also find crunchy, empty skins shed by juvenile bed bugs that have entered the molting phase or brown and black stains on linens caused by bed bug feces. Small red welts on the skin that develop after bites are also giveaways that a home is infested with bed bugs.

It can take up to 12 days for infested individuals to notice that they have been attacked by the bugs and only about half of the overall inhabitants notice initial bite marks. Individuals who are over age 65 are unlikely to notice a bite. A report discovered that 40% these seniors are either not bitten or don’t notice when they are.A definitive sighting is the only way for infested individuals to absolutely verify the existence of the bugs in their home, although an infestation may be suspected with other signs such as a foul odor. The smell is often described as moldy and excessively sweet. Additionally, the odor is often compared to overly ripened strawberries or syrup.Another sign is small fecal stains that are dark red. Individuals can spot the insects by using a bright light with a hand lens.

Treating the Infestation

To eliminate bedbugs from a home, it’s necessary to use insecticides that are approved for bedbugs. These include aerosol sprays and dusts. All of the furnishings in a room where bed bugs were found must be treated. This includes mattresses, night stands, coffee tables, chests, dressers, couches, chairs and entertainment centers. It’s also necessary to treat the baseboards and other trim used in a home. Additionally, linens must be laundered at high temperatures to kill any bedbugs or eggs.

Cleaning the Environment

Simply treating a home that has been infested with bed bugs is usually not enough to fully deal with an infestation. To ensure the success of treatment and prevent re-infestation, homeowners often need to do the following:

• Vacuum every room of the home daily for several days.

• Check for openings around windows, door frames, electrical outlets and plumbing and have them caulked or sealed to keep bed bugs out.

• Use a mattress protector to seal the bed and keep pests out in the future.

• Scrub down all hard surfaces in every room that was home to an infestation using a high quality soap and a bristle scrub brush.

Leaving the Work to a
Seattle Pest Control Professional

Bed bugs can carry numerous diseases and pose a serious nuisance in Seattle homes. Due to the tremendous amount of work involved with removing bed bugs, public health officials typically recommend hiring Seattle exterminators to professionally remove bed bugs.

Homeowners in the Seattle area can contact professionals at for cost effective Seattle pest control services to eliminate bed bugs. The family owned and operated business uses a holistic approach to eradicate bed bugs and prevent their return.

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