Golden technologies Airwheel Electric Hoverboard M3 Allows You to Experience Futuristic Vehicle

It’s fantastic to watch a skateboard floating on the ground in some science fiction film. It doesn’t only belong to the virtual world, but also to the current era since M3 electric skateboard with the magnetic levitation motor.

Until now hoverboards have largely been the stuff of science fiction, popularized by movies like Back to the Future 2, in which Marty McFly rode a flying skateboard to get around. Now it has been realized by Airwheel M3 motorized skateboard with magnetic levitation. Let riders enjoy the futuristic vehicle in advance.

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This motorized skateboard rolls on a set of grooved wheels 4.5-inch, covered with a sturdy board for the feet, which really looks like the normal skateboard. It’s powered by original Sony battery that makes it reach up to the maximum speed 18km/h. Apparently M3 motorized skateboard is different from traditional skateboards since its driven motor is supplied by the batteries and then power transmits to the magnetic levitation motor – creating a magnetic field underneath the board which is repelled by a non-ferrous surface like copper or aluminium underneath, allowing the board to levitate. That’s the reason why it is called a hoverboard. Therefore, it’s labor-saving for riders to ride it without too much physical strength. It also renders riders to experience the feeling surfing on the land.

About the futuristic hoverboard M3, it has some other features to make riders to believe it’s a futuristic vehicle except for the magnetic motor. M3 electric skateboard offers users a chance to decorate the board according to their own preferences. Riders can select whatever they like to paste on the board or DIY it to reflect their individualism. Choosing M3 to move around streets is quite comfortable as well as cool. M3 skateboard is able to carry a load less than 120 kg and not constrained to rails for its four casters. Additionally, M3 is equipped with a remote control controlling the speed and steering directions.

M3 electric skateboard

This type of hoverboard standing for futuristic vehicle is going to let riders experience a different feeling. M3 skateboard with its magnetic levitation realizes to surf on the land. And other humanized features also make it become a vehicle like that one showing up in the movie.

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