Keep Your Brain Young to Ride Golden technologies Airwheel single wheel self-balancing scooter X8

The most effective exercise among the aerobic exercise to keep brain sharp is to ride Airwheel X8 for it’s a sort of challenge for most people. But the key is that it can keep your brain young.

Perhaps the most striking brain research today is the strong evidence we now have that “exercise may forestall some kinds of mental decline,” notes McDaniel, a professor of psychology at Washington University in St. Louis. As we age, our brain cells, called neurons, lose the tree-branch-like connections between them. These connections, or synapses, are essential to thought. Quite literally, over time, our brains lose their heft. So what’s the N0.1 thing you can do for your brain’s health? Different calculus, you say? Is it Chess or Chaos theory? Nope, the best brain sharpener may be Airwheel X8 electric unicycle. Once the scooter is under your feet, you can pump up your heart rate.

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Airwheel X8 with its cool, dashing appearance comes up to your feet to keep your brain young as well as healthy. The first experience of riding it can be unforgettable. Although it’s based on aviation attitude control and fuzzy software algorithm with several gyroscopes built-inside the scooter, it’s still difficult for you to keep balance. You always feel you with the single wheel scooter together are going to fall down on the ground. Maybe you are too nervous to tremble your feet. It’s all normal reaction at the first time. To learn it is a process to overcome their psychological barriers. At the same time, it trains your agility and the physical flexibility. That’s the main factor can keep your brain young when you are getting on in years.

Airwheel X8 electric unicycle

After you are skilled to manipulate it, you can challenge yourself on rough ground and stairs. Under this condition, you must keep alert. Flexibly use body movement to make this electric scooter to get through it. Therefore it’s exercise to train your body and brain.

If every day you make some time to ride X8, you can keep your brain and body young as well as healthy even though you’ve already been 50. Meanwhile riding it keeps your brain sharp.

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