Fashionable Jiang Chipao Stunning Appearance in Europe and America 

The founder of Jiang Chipao Miss Jiang Xinyun

Jiang Chipao founded by Italian returned student, Miss Jiang Xinyun. It is a high-end exclusive custom handmade qipao brand, which integrated with development, design, production, sales and after-sales service in one. With its stylish, sexy, and high-end, Jiang Chipao’s design concept is to make national dress become the world fashion icon, to use modern style combined with an ancient rhyme to present the new charm of qipao, became the new favorite fashion among the female entrepreneurs, socialites and artists.

Site photo of Jiang Chipao socialites

Site photo of Jiang Chipao socialites 

Since 2013, Jiang Chipao has organized the qipao Beauty Contest, France Louvre fashion show, National dress show Milan Italy, China & South Korea and China & Thailand costumes cultural exchanges, which made great contributions to promote the culture of Chinese traditional costume to the world, while laid the foundation to become the leading brand in Chinese qipao fashion industry.

Jiang Chipao – make Chinese – style elegance becomes the fashion that stunning the world!

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