The King of mini mobility single wheel electric scooter, Airwheel F3 Hubless Scooter

Despite the fact that it’s common or not strange to see electric unicycle rolling on the road, a king of the e-unicycle is rare to be seen. It’s lucky for you to know the F3 orbit electric scooter in advance.

It’s not strange to see someone riding one wheel electric scooter on the street. Although it’s a little high in the price for most young people, they don’t care about it for the sake of its fun and convenience. On the contrary, it has been welcomed and accepted by more and more people. That’s a strong incentive for Airwheel Technology to develop a new electric unicycle F3, which can be the king among all e-unicycles for its unique design and strong performance. 

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Airwheel F3annular electric unicycle is rather small and exquisite. The uniqueness lies in its hubless design, which greatly lessen its weight and adds its portability. Moreover, a concealed handle is hidden at the top part of F3 mini mobility electric one wheel. Users have two options about how to carry the vehicle. Either side of the bodywork there are two red areas called rubber cushion aiming to reduce degree of friction when rider is riding it. Except the black tire, F3 orbit electric scooter is applied only 2 colors, white and red, which looks concise yet full of juice. That totally meets the King’s image.

A King certainly possesses some ability other unicycles don’t have. A transparent shell coated on the innovative annular body is made of PC & ABS composite materials with heat resistance, cold endurance, and impact resistance. In summer, users can use F3 orbit electric unicycle although the temperature is high for its plug and power source are paired with fuses that will not cause explosion or some other accidents.

mini mobility electric one wheel 

Hence, rider may rest assured when riding it on the road. At the back of the scooter, two taillights are build-in ending part of the scooter. That ensures rider a safe riding in the evening. By the way pedals are made from matting materials with great skid resistance. It’s safe without hidden danger.

Since F3 has the King’s image and ability, it can be the King of all electric unicycles. When it enters into the market, this scooter will receive a warm welcome.

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