Golden technologies Premium Electric Hoverboard Airwheel M3 Safe as Well as Amusing

Now hoverboards get more popular than before for some imitations cause several explosions. As players or fans of boards, you should be cautious to choose a premium one like Airwheel M3 safe yet full of fun.

In the last year, hoverboards have gone from being something from Back to the Future, to the number one item on many children’s Christmas lists. But the Trading Standards has warned that the demand for the boards has led to an influx of cheap and dangerous imitations. For consumers especially those lovers of boards, they must be cautious when choosing a premium hoverboard at Christmas. In this post, a high quality skateboard Airwheel M3 incorporated with fun is about to be introduced to all the fans of hoverboards.

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Although Airwheel M3 skateboards have been widely received by lots of players, it’s still necessary to inform of more people about its quality. As we know, the shoddy hoverboards are equipped with bad batteries and chargers, which is the main reason to cause explosions or fire. However, about M3 motorized skateboard its batteries are imported from Japan, a famous brand Sony.

The battery pack is protected by double circuits and battery protection boards. Flat cables connecting the battery with the vehicle are with high quality neatly lined up inside the boards. All switches are installed with fuses. Moreover, the charger is paired with the battery in terms of the voltage and electric current. Its plug is with three pins. All these details can prevent explosions or fires.

M3 skateboard

Apart from that, M3 skateboard is equipped with some other features to guarantee rider’s safety during the ride. These four 4.5-inch tires are designed with wide tread, skid proof and strong grip effect. Additionally, the tires are rather sturdy from Cheng Shin Tire putting an end to explosion, leakage or breaking. With the PU material damper mass installed above the tires, M3 can respond effectively to the bumpy road with stronger sense of control, so as to make glide safer and more smoothly. It creates a smooth ride on the rough roads.

When you’re choosing a hoverbaord, the quality and safety must come in the first place. The premium skateboard M3 is a good one with safety and fun.

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