US Money Reserve starts a GoFundMe to support Austin’s Operation Blue Santa

US Money Reserve has launched a GoFundMe campaign with a goal of raising $10,000 to support the Austin Police Department’s Operation Blue Santa.

It’s the holiday seasonwith Christmas around the corner. While a lot of people are busy shopping, buying Christmas tree and gifts for their friends and relatives there are still many who are not as privileged and have to let Christmas pass without any celebration.

When most of the households are busy cooking there favorite dishes on Christmas, many families in the Austin community are deprived of their everyday meal. Austin Police Department’s Blue Santa provides local families with a full holiday meal and wrapped Christmas presents for each child under.Operation Blue Santa was named one of the 11 best Santa’s in the U.S. by Time magazine.

The project is a nonprofit outreach program run by the Austin Police Department, the Austin Fire Department, Austin Water Utilities, Austin Energy, andthe Texas National Guard.

Volunteers done a blue Santa costume, the same color of the police uniform as well as the same boots that the police officers wear. On Christmas Eve, they deliver meals and toys to Austin families who can’t afford a celebration on their own.

Since the holidays are a time for giving back, US Money Reserve has launched the fundraiser to support the Austin community in the philanthropic task that they have been doing for years. 

Blue Santa began in1972. Back then, it only served about 20 families but it has grown—last year they have served over 5000 families!

U.S. Money reserve urges their team, clients, friends and family to contribute as well as share the campaign on social media so that they can make Christmas brighter for the Austin families in need. To view the campaign users can visit US Money Reserve’s GoFundMe and for more information on the project, they can go to

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