ApperturesMobi launches the app ‘Happy Hums’ for new parents

ApperturesMobi has launched Happy Hums,a mobile applicationto support parents in tracking the health and growth of their newborn child. The app is designed for new parents to help them in their journey of parenthood. As a parent, right growth of their baby is the highest priority and yet there are not many tools availablethat provide a holistic solution on baby’s growth. Happy Hums is designed in consultation with experts and pediatriciansto address this parenting concern.

The mobile app is created on the Growth Standards recommended by Center for Disease and Prevention (CDC). HappyHums tracks baby’s milestones in a visual way that parents can personalize for their babies.  There is a very simplified tool to track and plot baby’s growth percentiles – Height, Weight and Head Circumference. The figures are plotted on a graph to make it easy for parents to understand their baby’s growth pattern over a certain period of time. The app also makes it more convenient for parents to manage their baby’s routine immunization schedule, as per CDC recommendations.

The Home dashboard of the app displays growth snapshotofthe baby like growth percentiles, pending milestones and upcoming vaccines. The dashboard provides useful daily tips on parenting, adapting to baby’s age that would help parents in their upbringing of the baby. The app also alerts onthe critical milestones for a particular age and advises on when to consult the pediatrician.

The app is demonstrated in detailed in a YouTube video and is currently available for download on iTunes and would be available on Google play store shortly.

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