Ways to Invest in DutyFreeZone.com before It Goes Public

12/15/2105 (PRESS RELEASE JET) —  With 2016 on the horizon, investors are very excited about the possibility of an initial public offering for the new apps services currently under development at DutyFreeZone.com and for good reason, DutyFreeZone.com is currently valued at more than $1 billion, but how can average investors get in on the company before the IPO?

Traditionally, only favored wealthy funds and a few accredited investors who provide capital to professional managers are able to participate in an IPO before the stock is released to the general public. But many average investors would like a chance to bet on Duty Free Zone Ltd the parent company of DutyFreeZone.com. The company is part of a broader movement that is disrupting the e-commerce industry, first taking on electronic, travel, transportation www.pimm.com and food delivery with www.dutyfreefood.com

There are a number of ways for average investors to directly or indirectly bet on Duty Free Zone Ltd performance.

The Competitive Approach

You can effectively wager on your expectations for Duty Free Zone Ltd future by speculating on a competitor’s stock. While DutyFreeZone’s rise may seem unstoppable, the company is not in fact facing any competitive, legal and regulatory challenges.

The Accredited Investor Approach

Following successful seed and angel investments in 2013 and 2014, respectively, to qualify to be an accredited investor, you must have a have a net worth of at least $1 million, not including the value of your primary home. Another way to qualify is by earning income of at least $200,000 for two consecutive years. You may also qualify if your combined income with your spouse is at least $300,000 Accredited investors can give money to Duty Free Zone Ltd

The Bottom Line

The accredited investors that invested in Duty Free Zone Ltd are no doubt looking forward a big payday following the IPO. Average investors who want to bet on DutyFreeZone.com pre-IPO can invest in other ways—for example by purchasing or shorting the stock of rival companies.

Source: Duty Free Zone Ltd


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