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Eliclaire, a young and fast-growing company based in Anif, Austria announces the launch of new and comfortable baby carrier wrap that have the potential to smash all competition.

12/15/2105 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Eliclaire, a fast growing start-up dedicated to providing top-notch baby products, announces the launch of their premium baby carrier wrap that promise to ensure unparalleled comfort for parents and babies.

It’s no secret that, unlike traditional strollers that were not only expensive but also separated the baby from its parent, modern baby carrier wraps allow the child to stay close to the mother and experience a unique feeling of safety and continuous closeness. Recent studies show that the soft, comfortable sensation provided by the baby sling carrier and the sounds of mother’s heartbeat calm the baby and help him sleep more peacefully and even gain weight.

Created with the safety and comfort of the child in mind, Eliclaire Baby Carrier Wrap is made of high-quality fabric that absorbs shocks and ensure long-lasting comfort. Easy to put on and adjust, the new baby carrier wrap is stretchy enough to keep the baby comfortable without allowing him or her to shift down. Moreover, using different tying methods, the baby carrier wrap can be used not only for babies but also for older infants.

For mothers, the benefits of these impressive baby carrier wraps are endless. First of all, they ensure the correct distribution of weight over the entire back and shoulders, which means no more back pains and exhaustion. Second, the fabric of the baby carrier wrap is thick enough to keep the baby safe without blocking ventilation, so parents can say goodbye to excessive sweat and heat. As a bonus, mothers can now use their hands for housework and shopping and even breastfeed the baby using the baby carrier wrap as a nursing cover.

We believe in simple, innovative solutions that allow us to fully focus on the miracle of parenting and ensure a happy and comfortable life not only for babies, but also for their parents,” said Mrs. Jitka Najmanova, founder and CEO of Eliclaire.

Eliclaire is a young and fast-growing European company based in Anif, Austria. Its greatest goal and mission is to make a positive difference in parents’ lives through high-quality products that combine innovation with creativity and provide practical solutions for the constant needs of a modern family.

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