Places in Sichuan Worth Visiting with Weather Turning Cold

 Lugu Lake in sunshine


Fly to Xichang to enjoy a warm winter

Chengdu citizens have concluded a strange “law” this winter, that is, the weather is usually gloomy and sunshine only appears every Sunday. Don’t want to keep waiting for the sunshine once a week? Why not take a flight to Xichang to enjoy sunshine everyday!

Located in the southwestern Sichuan, Xichang is always sunny even in winter. You can visit many famous sites here, such as Qionghai Lake known as “A Paradise in Panzhihua –Xichang Area”, Lushan Mountain known as “Picturesque Scenery in Southern Sichuan”, Lugu Lake known as “A Bright Pearl on the Plateau”. In Xichang, you can enjoy the warm sunshine in winter, overlook Gemu Goddess Mountain in distance, and admire the overall view of Lugu Lake. By feeling the breeze by the lake and embracing the clear water and blue sky, you can enjoy a wonderful life here.

 Hot spring of Emei Mountain

Hot spring of Emei Mountain

It is certainly suitable to enjoy a hot spring in winter. The people in Sichuan will immediately think of Emei Mountain when it comes to hot spring. The hot spring in Emei Mountain has a long history and has high healthcare values, with rich abundance of all kinds of healthy mineral substance such as metaboric acid, metasilicic acid, hydrogen sulfide, fluorine and strontium. So Emei Mountain becomes a good place to go when talking about hot spring.

 Yinping Ancient Path covered with snow

Ice and snow + ancient path + ink wash painting with wild animals and blue waters

The Tangjia River in winter is clad in silvery white and looks exquisitely carved, mildly presenting a unique ice and snow style and totally different scenery compared with the North. Climbing onto the Pass of Motian Ridge and looking around, you can see the boundless sea of clouds and mountains, with peaks connected to each other. The millennium pass has become an impregnable pass covered with ice and snow. And the Yinping Ancient Pass looks more risky with these ice and snow.

The winter of Tangjia River is not quiet at all with more than 400 kinds of wild animals. For the whole winter, the charmingly naive pandas wander around in the mountain forests and fields of Tangjia River to look for frozen stiff fargesia. Except for eating and sleeping, the naughty sleepy-eyed pandas also climb trees, although they often fell off into confusion. Golden snub-nosed monkeys often jump among the trees carrying the young and the old, or even perform acrobatics in mid-air. Budorcas taxicolor can be seen almost anywhere. They moved in crowds from meadow at high altitude to the river valley area, sometimes they even search for food in places near the hotel.

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