Projector SuperStore Proudly Showcases Da-Lite Screens HD Progressive Line

SCOTTSDALE, AZ – 12/15/2015 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Projector SuperStore, a subsidiary of CCS Presentation Systems and authorized Da-Lite Screens dealer, is absolutely thrilled to showcase Da-Lite’s HD Progressive Screen Surfaces. The chemistry behind Da-Lite HD Progressive surface is formulated to create a surface free of microscopic variances allowing the screen to essentially disappear. The result is brilliant light, vibrant color, and the best surface for HD, 4K, and Ultra HD projection.

Da-Lite’s chemical formula for their HD Progressive line of projection surfaces is designed to perfectly reflect and preserve the image being projected. When you look closely at a projection screen surface, many surfaces look like varying grains of sandpaper and others have microscopic variations on the surface. This causes pixel loss and “noise” in the image because the surface isn’t able to perfectly reflect the projected image. As projection resolution advances, pixel preservation becomes much more important to preserve the clarity of your image.

At Projector SuperStore, we have several of Da-Lite’s HD Progressive screens available. Gains range from 0.6 to 1.3 with the higher number focusing on more white light and color contrast for higher resolution projectors. HD Progressive 0.6 is ideal for high output projectors or applications where projector brightness and screen size require low gain, the gray surface compensates for a brightly lit environment so that image contrast is preserved. In low ambient light, HD Progressive 0.6 provides deep contrast for a rich enhanced image, and is typically used with video. In comparison, HD Progressive 1.3 is ideal for applications where projector brightness and screen size require an increase in gain. The purest white HD Progressive surface offers true color reproduction and allows for more flexibility with ambient light conditions. It also allows for easy viewing of detail in video as well as charts and graphs in a corporate setting. All HD Progressive Screens are seamless in any width up to 16′ in height, and since they are flame retardant and mildew resistant, screens are easily and properly cleaned with mild soap and water.

View our collection of available Da-Lite HD Progressive screens available here.

About Da-Lite Screens

Da-Lite was founded with the invention of the Silver Screen during the second Industrial Revolution. It was a time when art and culture flourished, and was transformed into many different styles. Thomas Edison’s first motion picture camera was developed when George Eastman perfected the first commercial transparent roll film. Chicago had an infant motion picture industry, and Adele De Berri recognized the need for the third piece of the equation.

Adele De Berri was a 24-year-old young woman and the inventor of the Silver Screen. At a time when businesswomen were rare and couldn’t vote, Adele established Da-Lite – a business that would survive the Great Depression, World Wars, and multiple recessions. Over 100 years later, with an in-house team of chemists, we remain committed to improving our surface formulations to ensure the best surface for today and future projection technology.

For more information, please visit Da-Lite Screens’ website here.

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By Dustin Mahurin
Staff Writer, iDZYNS

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