Martha B. Catz, Yoga Therapist, Is the Latest Expert To Join Upcoming Multi-Author Book That Focuses on Women’s Health and Wellness

Martha B. Catz will contribute to the upcoming multi-author book, “Top Professionals Give Expert Advice on Women’s Health and Wellness: The Unique Challenges Middle Aged Women Face & How to Make Them Your Best Years.” Catz has been teaching women the power of yoga for over 15 years of teaching experience. She will speak about her unique approach that uses yoga as a tool to promote health and wellness, and not just fitness.

Yoga therapist Martha B. Catz has decided to join the other experts involved with the upcoming multi-author book, “Top Professionals Give Expert Advice on Women’s Health and Wellness: The Unique Challenges Middle Aged Women Face & How to Make Them Your Best Years.” Catz will focus on her 15-plus years of experience as a yoga instructor, and will let readers know about her unique approach to yoga. 

Catz views yoga as a way to promote health and wellness, and not just as an exercise routine to enhance fitness. It is this approach that led co-authors Lisa Williams and Glenda Clare, Ph.D., to reach out to Catz. Her approach that focuses on health and wellness fits in perfectly with the theme of the book. She speaks to readers in a chapter called, “The Woman Who Says, I Can No Longer Do the Things I Used to Do and That Scares Me.’”

Catz says, “When seeking to improve personal health and wellness, it’s important to choose goals that are appropriate and reasonable for yourself, and that we are being truthful about our present conditions and situations. Self-knowledge is a powerful thing. Yoga offers tools for self- reflection, self-improvement and healing. One cannot heal the body without addressing the mind; one cannot heal the mind without taking care of the body.”

Williams and Clare have brought together several experts that focus on different aspects of women’s health and wellness. Lisa Williams is a Los Angeles–based media strategist who has built a career on helping clients become experts in their fields.

Along with Glenda Clare, Ph.D., she will facilitate the publishing of this book through her company, Authority Book Consulting, LP. Williams is also a leading force in the publication of multi-author books, and she founded Authority Book Consulting, LP, to help clients to be published, to establish authority and to also bring value to readers who are exposed to multiple perspectives.

According to Williams, “Martha Catz is a welcome addition to our list of experts. The perspective that she shares is not what you would typically hear from a yoga perspective. She will help women to avoid losing their abilities as they get older.”

The book will be released on mid December 2015.  

About Martha B. Catz

Martha B. Catz is an experienced yoga practitioner with over 20 years and 5,000 hours of teaching experience since completing her 240-hour training in 2003. She approaches teaching yoga as a method for health and wellness rather than solely as a physical exercise; to develop skills within each practitioner to improve quality of life; and to promote self-empowerment to improve physical, emotional and psychological health. Martha holds a Masters in Health Psychology, and is an integrative health coach and an expert in mindful awareness mediation.

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