Authenticity Coach Norma T. Hollis Joins List of Contributing Authors for Upcoming Multi-Author Book Focused on Women’s Health and Wellness

Norma T. Hollis, authenticity coach, will join several other experts as a contributor to the upcoming multi-author book, “Top Professionals Give Expert Advice on Women’s Health and Wellness: The Unique Challenges Middle Aged Women Face & How to Make Them Your Best Years.” Norma T. Hollis will share her expertise in a chapter titled, “The Woman Who Says, I Am at a Crossroad in My Life!”

Norma T. Hollis of Los Angeles, a well-known authenticity coach and founder of the global authenticity movement, has become the latest contributor to the upcoming multi-author book, “Top Professionals Give Expert Advice on Women’s Health and Wellness: The Unique Challenges Middle Aged Women Face & How to Make Them Your Best Years.”

For the book’s authors, media expert Lisa Williams and health professional Glenda Clare, Ph.D. Hollis was a perfect addition to this collaborative effort.

Hollis will bring her expertise in helping women make the correct decisions in their lives, and in encouraging them to live authentic lives. Hollis will join other experts who will contribute to the book, and her area of expertise will be speaking about “The Woman Who Says, I Am at a Crossroad in My Life!”

Hollis will focus on women aged 40 and over, who find themselves facing critical moments in their lives that require clarity and focus in order to make the right decisions. When reached for comment, Hollis said, “There are challenges that are very common for women aged 40 and older. Children leave the nest, jobs and relationships may be unfulfilling, life can be very routine. This is a time when women ask themselves Isn’t there more to life, to me and to why I am here?’ These are women at a crossroad, ready for transformation, and that’s just the women who will benefit deeply from the chapters in this book.” 

The book is a multi-author project that will discuss specific topics that revolve around a common theme, in this case, women’s health and wellness. The book will be facilitated by Williams and Clare. Lisa Williams is a media strategist and founder of the book’s publishing company, Authority Book Consulting, LP. Glenda Clare, Ph.D. will serve as lead co-author, and was chosen for her expertise in the fields of public health and behavioral health.

According to Williams, “Having Norma Hollis contribute to this book is very important to Dr. Clare and I. Norma has perfected a process through which she asks women important questions that help them reach the core of their authenticity. Her advice will be extremely valuable to our readers.”

The publishing world is seeing a trend towards multi-author books that give readers access to more information, and that allow contributors to establish authority and expertise in their chosen fields. Lisa Williams has established herself as an expert in how to publish these types of books, and in how to help professionals establish authority.

Williams will be involved in every aspect of the book’s publishing process. She will interview each contributing expert, and from those interviews, she will draft the chapters of the book. 

The book will be released on mid December 2015. 

About Norma T. Hollis

Norma T. Hollis is a human development specialist and entrepreneur who has coached thousands of people, consulted at Fortune 500 companies, directed large non-profit organizations, coached C-suite executives and has written programs for self-awareness, authentic leadership, building dynamic teams and creating engaging life cultures. She has spent the past 30 years researching human nature from multiple perspectives to determine what makes people and organizations “authentic.” The result is her Authenticity Grid and Authenticity Assessment, tools she has developed and uses to reveal how the nine dimensions of authenticity impact individuals and organizations. She offers cutting-edge delivery methodologies that provide the self-awareness needed for maximum success. Her work has been widely praised, and she was named one of 2014’s Top 100 Professionals in the Health Promotions Industry.

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