It’s a Christmas Story for Kids – Just Like Harry Potter is a Wizards Story for Kids

With trains, flying cars, magic and the high-tech miniature elves, Doc Christmas charmingly delivers the holiday in a bold new tale that will capture your heart and your imagination.

CALGARY, CANADA – 12/15/2015 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — When a reclusive Doctor may be the only hope to release the elves from the grip of a mysterious epidemic, Nick decides he must go undercover in an attempt to enlist his help, but the Doc will need to believe in much more than just Christmas in order to save the elves. Magic and science intertwine in the fantastic world of the North Pole, and when treating the elves has unexpected side effects, the Doc will need to become a master of both in a last ditch effort to save Christmas itself!

Written to appeal to readers from 6 to 13, Doc Christmas is quickly being pegged as ‘their new fireside read for Christmas’ – by families that include kids much younger and older. The story carries you right along and if a sprinkling of futuristic technology, trains delivering Christmas, or unexpected twists are not your thing, then you will be won over by the heart-warming story of the Doc as he grudgingly reconnects with his family and begins to believe. As one happy reader recommended on Facebook, “Be prepared to shed a tear or two”.

“I’m astounded by the response to the story. I had hoped that by setting the novel in the present day, giving the elves better gadgets than we have and by using trains as the delivery system for Christmas that some magic might come of it. Now I’ve had kids picking up the story for their grandparents and grandparents grabbing a copy for their grandkids – on the same store visit! I could not be happier at the reception.” – Author Neil Enock (Doc Christmas, Pub:iTinkr Studios, 2015, ISBN: 978-1-988108-00-1, $24.99 Hard Cover edition,

A Christmas story with a difference, Doc Christmas begins a few years after Doc’s wife passed away and he has since shut out his family, his friends, and everything. Everything except his work, where his single-minded focus has made him into one of the world’s leading experts in combating rare infectious diseases. This becomes very important to Nick when an epidemic races through the elven population of the North Pole and brings holiday preparations to a stand still.

Follow Doc’s journey as Nick goes undercover then works alongside Doc’s family, attempting to get him to reconnect with his life, his family and his friends. Nick needs Doc to once again believe in Christmas and ultimately to believe in magic so that he can get himself to be about 5/8 of an inch tall – the height of the average elf. If he can do that, he’ll be the right size and just might be able to save them!

In the end, while Doc may have the scientific knowledge to help the elves, he must also learn to deal with magic and the wonders of the hidden world that is the North Pole. Just when he seems to be winning against the epidemic, he finds he must go even further and mount a massive effort to save Christmas itself. You’ll need to read the book to discover the real reason there is a train around the Christmas tree and how Doc earns himself the nickname ‘Doc Christmas’.

(Doc Christmas, Publisher: iTinkr Studios, 2015, ISBN: 978-1-988108-00-1, $24.99 Hard Cover, First edition)

Want to read it this Christmas? – Doc Christmas is available online, at most book sellers in Alberta and at select locations around North America, check the website for details on where to find it:

If you would like a signed copy, join Neil at his last scheduled book signing in 2015 – at The 18th Annual YYC Charity: Children’s Charity Event: Get Sick for St. Nick: 

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About the Author:

Neil Enock is an author, actor, screenwriter, filmmaker and creator/host of the million+ viewed TrainTalk.TV iTunes podcast. Neil tells original stories in everything he does from his written work to his hand-made cribbage boards. While trains have been a part-time hobby since he was a boy, in his first Novel, Doc Christmas, Neil has given trains the full-time leading role in delivering Christmas. Contact:   403-452-5253

About the Book:

Doctor Archibald Stevens’ must overcome his reclusive ways and rejoin his family to rescue Christmas from a man-made peril at the North Pole.  Trains, magic, flying cars and the high-tech elves will help but only the Doc’s very real science can save the day.  Even then, he will have to go further, until he and his family discover the real reason that there is a train around the tree at Christmas time.  (Doc Christmas, publisher: iTinkr Studios, 2015, ISBN: 978-1-988108-00-1, $24.99 Hard Cover edition,

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