“TIS THE NEUROMARKETING SEASON”: Brain-Based Secrets Retailers Employ to Capture Massive Holiday Sales

LOS ANGELES, CA – 12/15/2015 (PRESS RELEASE JET) —  Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, most people realize that they are the target of heavy holiday marketing. Consumers mildly complain of sensory overload from the  endless loop of Christmas music to the aggressive advertising for gifts that seems to double every week until the first day of the New Year.

According to authors, media and business psychologist Wendy Basil, Ph.D., and PR and branding expert, Sherry Klinger, most people are unaware of subtle marketing cues that brew a potent cocktail of feel-good chemicals in the brain that influences their behavior in stores, offices, homes and online.  Their book about media psychology and public relations, SPINOLOGY:  Transform Your Media Spin into Business Gold, was recently awarded the I.R.W. I. N. Award (Industry Recognition of Writers in the News), and named 2015 Neuromarketing Book of the Year.  

The key to SPINOLOGY’S success stems from offering practical business advice based on neuropsychology.  Integrating brain-based science directly into the marketing message is effective any time of the year.  During the holiday season it means that consumers are being exposed through sensory information to unconscious memories and nostalgic desires.  Some of the sensory memories during the holidays are the taste of gingerbread-flavored coffee or the smell of  pine needle scented candles, which evoke powerful and positive emotions connected to belonging.  

What’s the oldest neuromarketing promotion that many people would recognize, say the authors?   Realtors suggest baking cookies right before an open house, turning on beautiful music and opening the shades so that the light shines through!

“Even if we didn’t have the Hallmark card home life we see in holiday advertising, we yearn to create beautiful new memories for ourselves and our families,” said Dr. Basil.  “Companies and organizations who know how to tap into the Unconscious will sell products and services that people value.   Emotional marketing can make people feel more generous and empathetic towards good causes too.”

Klinger and Dr. Basil offer workshops to teach businesses and entrepreneurs the basic premise of Depth Psychology, the study of the Unconscious Mind, in order to create powerful and indelible campaigns.    By teaching others about “emotional branding,” the authors prove that linking images and language to memories can dramatically influence human behavior.  

Klinger and Basil will be conducting a series of SPINOLOGY Master Clinics (workshops) in Los Angeles during the 2016 year.  Every person who attends receives their book,  business worksheets and direct access to SPINOLOGY experts.  

The authors new method of branding, i-DPR (in-depth public relations) is growing in popularity and draws upon the latest research in brain science and neuromarketing.  Included in the book is a simple-to-use assessment tool the authors developed called the “Klinger-Basil In-Depth PR Index” (i-DPR Index)—which helps evaluate the potential effectiveness of any branding or publicity campaign, spokesperson or target message before it is launched.

According to Klinger and Dr. Basil, “By focusing on what people think and feel and how the brain processes stories, a business can elevate their growth at an accelerated pace. This is the goal of In-Depth Public Relations.”  The book and workshops explain how the power of the media-brain connection can be harnessed for dramatic business growth.

SPINOLOGY: Transform Your Media Spin Into business Gold can be purchased through Amazon at www.Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble at www.barnesandnoble.com, or directly through the Spinology website at www.spinologybook.com.  It can be purchased as a hard copy, for Kindle, Nook, or as an ebook to download. 

Basil and Klinger are available for individual or group consulting, workshops, and speaking engagements featuring the Spinology method by contacting (888) 241-1432 or info@depthpublishing.com.  The Spinology website can be viewed at www.spinologybook.com or www.depthpublishing.com

SPINOLOGY: Transform Your Media Spin Into Business Gold is published by Depth Publishing, Library of Congress #2013943256, 258 pages.  Softcover: ISBN # 978-0-9896158-0-8; E-Book: ISBN # 978-0-9896158-1-5. Depth Publishing is a member of the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA).

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