Kuntai Group Announces Energy Efficient Die Cutting Press & Feeding Cutting Machine for Processing Various Non-metal Materials

Jiangsu Kuntai Machinery Co., Ltd, or popularly known as Kuntai Group, brings energy saving Die Cutting Press and Feeding Cutting Machine that could be used for cutting a variety of non-metal materials, such as leather, rubber and others.

With their continuous efforts to improve the quality and efficiency of their machines, Kuntai Group now announces the availability of energy efficient Die Cutting Press and Feeding Cutting Machine that consumes less energy and delivers high quality output. According to the company sources, these machines will prove conducive in saving the energy and will also lower the production cost to increase the profitability of a production unit.

The company has recently introduced an improved quality Cutting Press range for various applications. They have Traveling Head Cutting Machine, Computer Controlled Cutting Machine, Hydraulic Traveling Cutting Machine, and other types of machines that can be used in manufacturing bags, gloves, shoes and other products. These machines have been designed for a robust performance and can be used for cutting various non-metallic materials in a continuous manner without any interruption. The machines have several working modes, such as automatic and manual for an operator to carry out the cutting task in a desired manner.

According to the spokesperson of the company, their Swing Arm Die Cutting Presshas been launched with an energy saving feature, allowing industries to cut materials, such as plastic, rubber, leather etc at a lower cost. The machine features a simple and stable operation for anyone to carry out the cutting task with an optimal performance. The CE & ISO certified machine offers a safe operation and one just needs to place the material on the bed of the press for cutting. It can be used for cutting leather sole, rubber, chemical fiber, paper and a variety of other non-metal materials.

Kuntai Group’s Auto Feeding Cutting Machine is particularly remarkable for its fast working speed and the energy saving feature. The machine could be used to deliver high quality products with good effects. The machine has its wide applications in car interior, blister packaging and printing industries. In order to learn more about these machines and their features, one may visit the website www.kuntaigroup.com.cn.

About Jiangsu Kuntai Machinery Co., Ltd

Kuntai Group has been dedicated to the production and R&D of Laminating Machines and Cutting Machines for over three decades. As an industry leader, they continuously provide innovative and practical solutions to customers around the world in industries, such as textile, leather, footwear, automotive interiors, sports goods, packaging industry and so on. All employees of the company adhere to customer-centric service philosophy, which wins the trust of worldwide customers. The company serves clients as their best partner for both standard products and customized high-end solutions.

Swing Arm Die Cutting Press

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