3dsemulator24.com announces the release of Citra, the first working open-source 3DS Emulator in 2016

16.12.12,USA – It is true that when a development team pays good attention towards a 3DS emulator, it can emulate to an array of homebrew programs and software. As an ardent follower of video games industry, you might be already aware that the open source 3DS Emulator called Citra has hit the headlines constantly for the past one year. However, the team at https://3dsemulator24.com is all set to release Citra, which is said to be the first working open-source 3DS Emulator during the early months of 2016.

Citra was a work in progress project that has the ability to emulate with a number of software and homebrew programs with different degree of success with each. This 3DS emulator can play various games of varied categories at present such as Animal Crossing, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Super Monkey Ball 3D and so on. In fact, when the game, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time was loaded for the first time with Citra using the OpenGL rendered, the title ran at top speed offering the 3DS emulator a breakthrough. Since then the team of developers were involved in making Citra compatible by using it on each game and with few homebrew programs. However, the positive side of Citra is that this 3DS emulator made the advancement at a swift pace and the rapid progress it made was impressive.

When you click on the link at 3dsemulator24.com,you will be pleased to know that this3DS emulator is built to be compatible with all the three desktop Operating Systems such as all the versions of Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. In addition, the source code is available for you to download for free to help you create your own build. As Citra has an easy set up, you can start running it after the initial set up and load the rom of your preference and begin your games right away. In short, you can get the first working Nintendo 3DS emulator, Citra for free for playing any 3DS roms of your choice. The only requirement for using Citra is that you must have the graphics chip which will support OpenGL 3.3 and a fast paced processor that offers best performance per core.

The developers’ team at 3dsemulator24.com has also invited other developers to extend their support towards the development of Citra prior to its release next year. If you are a developer and willing to help then you can find the source code of Citra on GitHub, the platform that helps the developers to work together as a team for a project by letting them submit pull requests after making changes to codes. You can also refer to the developer information, contributor’s guide and TODO list before proceeding. As a developer, you can also interact with the other developers through the forum to know about the present stage of 3DS emulator.  

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