Safe Dog Grooming For the Holidays in Thornwood, NY: Why The Paw Spa Only uses Dryers with No Heating Element

Why The Paw Spa in Thornwood, NY Only uses Dryers with No Heating Element 

High Velocity Grooming Dryers – Safety 

THORNWOOD, NY -12/16/2015 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — High Velocity dryers are also known as ‘high pressure’ or ‘forced air’ dryers. The Paw Spa uses these for a number of reasons, first and foremost being the safety and comfort of the dog. Though the forced air feature of the dryer can be louder than other methods, it is by far the safest and most efficient way for professional groomers to dry dogs’ coats. 

One of the most important reasons clients to bring their dog to a groomer in the first place is that water and moisture get in dogs’ coats. This occurs on a daily basis. So without a wash and a dry every so often, bacteria can develop and cause skin irritation or even infection. 

Once a client’s pooch is brought in for a shampoo and dry, it becomes even more important to have the right kind of dryer. From a safety perspective, The Paw Spa uses high velocity dryers because they are a newer technology without any sort of auxiliary heating element or heating coil. This means that there is no risk of accidentally burning a dog when drying. The air is simply pressurized room temperature air that cannot harm or burn a dog in any way. 

They allow for the groomers to see the skin, allowing them to make sure that all the water has dried. With other types of dryers it can be difficult to figure out when the skin and undercoat are dry, increasing injury risk.

Other Advantages 

These dryers are great for dogs that shed a lot, and they work very well on all skin types. High Velocity dryers are also more efficient time-wise. Especially for a long haired dog, there is not a faster way to get the undercoat dry. But these dryers really work for all breeds, another reason why The Paw Spa invested in them.

In terms of flexibility and adaptability, The Paw Spa’s dryers allow their groomers to dry all coat types effectively, with the dogs’ comfort in mind. As a further advantage, the dryers can be maneuvered around the dog. The mobility flexibility of the dryer itself allows the groomers to get into the hard-to-dry spots without bothering the furry dog customer too much. 

Don’t forget, forced air dryers make your dogs coat fluffy and healthy looking. 

Do Groomers Use Dryers with Heating Elements?

Some groomers still use dryers with heating coils or heating elements to dry customers’ dogs. The Paw Spa recommends never using heating coil dryer on dogs, and recommends that customers not take their pets to groomers who do use them. 

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