Letting the reader decide what is fair

The concept of allowing customers the ability to decide what, if anything they will pay is not a new concept. Bands such as Radiohead have indeed done well with just such a model. And now independent author Rod Toucher has started a new website for e-books using just such a model. The idea is a risky one that is not for the faint of heart, but he is hopeful that enough self-published authors will examine how much they are spending to promote their books, via giveaways and special discounts, and come to see this as one of the greatest tools available to getting their writing in the hands of future readers who will come to covet their writing.

The idea resonated with Toucher after a year of giving away tens of thousands of books to get brand recognition among readers. He said that he realized that promotion companies and book venues like Amazon and Barnes & Noble were seeming to benefit more than the creators of the book. It took a change in the way authors were paid by Amazon to open his eyes though, he admitted. “It really opened my eyes that being dependent on the goodwill of a venue left one vulnerable to the whims of the venue.”

The idea for Readerspaywhatyouwant.com still did not come to him immediately, he said. In a discussion he had with one of the more effective book promotion company’s owner over this dependence, he was made aware of a venue called Gumroad.com that allows authors to upload their book and have a secure third party checkout. That is when the lightbulb hit him. From researching the site, he was presented with Gumroads unique option of pay what you want. The lightbulb immediately went off, he said.

He is currently accepting submissions from authors to promote their books on the site. Showing his commitment to the pay what you want model, if an author’s book(s) are accepted, he has no set price to feature their books. The authors pay the site, Readerspaywhatyouwant.com, what they feel is fair, even if it is nothing.

As noted earlier, the business model is not new, but in todays age of get what you can as quick as possible, it is refreshing to see a business set up based on trust.

To grab books where you decide the value to you, or to submit your book to be featured, go to: http://www.readerspaywhatyouwant.com/

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