Shesique Magazine Empowers Women to Embrace Themselves as They Are

A new online magazine, Shesique Magazine, from fitness model and renowned author Leigh Hickombottom honors women from all corners of the world.  Shesique Magazine recognizes the beauty of all women whether they are cover models, long time mothers, or powerful business leaders. This important publication will embrace conventional ways of valuing oneself as well as emerging models of self-empowerment and appreciation. Ms. Hickombottom is the author of three books, “Logistics of Leanness” and its sequel, “Logistics of Leanness Defined” as well as her latest mini autobiography and self- help book “And Still I Smile”.

Initial editions will cover a range of topics from style, fitness and healthy lifestyle.  Articles will focus on eclectic topics like chakras, organic recipes, high fashion, life simplifying strategies, insider entertainment news.  Authors will be from all walks of life and will share insights into a number of worlds.  The primary philosophy behind Shesique Magazine is to embrace women in whatever form they appear, whether they are from one or a multitude of cultures; each woman has something powerful to share and Shesique Magazine is dedicated to giving them their moment.

This important publication is currently in the development phase, but founder Leigh Hickombottom has initiated a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo to raise $100,000.  With your financial contribution, you may receive a valuable reward including T-shirts, biographies, and subscriptions to the magazine. To learn more about Shesique Magazine, or to make a financial contribution to this historically important project, please visit

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Company Name: Shesique Magazine
Contact Person: Leigh Hickombottom
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