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TORONTO, CANADA  – 12/16/2015 (PRESS RELEASE JET) —  A Hair Tattoo is the cure for baldness. If done correctly, it will cover the head with micro-dots that look exactly the way a real budding hair follicle does. Up close, the results are realistic and natural and will last over 15 years through rain, or shine. The advantages of getting the hair tattoo treatment are endless. Scalp Tattoo’s infuse instant confidence into the minds of men who have shrunken into themselves over the years as their balding progressed. Hair Tattoos are non-surgical, pain-free and can be completed in one or two treatments.

Although a Hair Tattoo sounds like a regular tattoo, its very different so its not recommened that you go to a tattoo parlor to do your hair tattoo since it’s a specialized procedure with special needles, inks, machines and techniques that are different from that of an actual tattoo artist. Anyone who has seen someone with a tattoo can attest to the fact that they turn blue and fade over the years. This is not something you want to happen on your head so make the right decision before you try to save a few bucks. Most tattoo parlors are lower priced than reputable scalp micropigmentation clinics, and in the end you only have one head and you get what you pay for. Do it right the first time and save yourself the aggravation and headache.  HeadPower Hair Clinic are the best Hair Tattoo and Scalp Tattoo experts in Canada, Toronto, Vancouver, and USA. Their customized and personalized scalp micropigmentation treatment will restore confidence and strength to those who are suffering from hair-loss. HeadPower also offers a combo training and treatment package for men interested in getting into the business of scalp micro-pigmentation who also need the procedure done on themselves. Contact the company for further details or to book your Hair Tattoo treatment or SMP Training Class.

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