Restore the Faith on Christmas with Phat Cat Story Book

There are many ways people can defend their beliefs. T.S Cherry like many authors before her uses publishing as a way to tell his story. His new book Phat Cat Christmas Brat offers very little rhetoric, just a simple story embedded in what he calls truth.

In today media where everyone is questioning the importance of speaking up about the removal of Christmas; T.S Cherry is motivated to write something that he believes contributes to the Christian community around the world and reminds everyone to remember the spirit of Christmas. That was where the idea of Phat Cat Christmas Brat was born. T.S. Cherry wanted to create something different with this book. He wanted to re-tell the biblical sacrifice of the Christmas Story with a modern twists, based on how it might look in the lives of a child today. He also looked for a modern appeal, by using the name Phat Cat, which is slang for “Pretty Hot and Tempting”, in his book to describe the character’s purpose, he hoped to reach a larger market.

T.S Cherry himself stated his concerns toward today’s media continued discrediting of Christmas. He managed to start his Phat Cat Christmas Brat book as part of his fight and right to freedom of religion to everyone around the world. Within the story book, children will be able to learn many things about the real spirit of understanding your gift and how you can use your gift to contribution to the world.

So what is this Phat Cat book all about? Phat Cat Christmas Brat it is actually a story about a six years old, who wanted to be someone else for her birthday. A common trend as today’s youth seemingly lose value in being themselves. However, upon the arrival of the special day, Phat Cat’s mind was changed by her friends and she spends her birthday performing Christmas Carol’s. She felt so for-filled when she operated in her gift of singing, she decided she would give up her birthday to perform Christmas Carols all around the world every Christmas Eve.

Phat Cat Christmas Brat is a children’s book that offer Christian value’s and beliefs. The book symbolizes the idea the Christians have a right to decide how their children are educated through today’s media.

Phat Cat is available at major shopping portals like Amazon, Kindle, and Barnes and Nobel.

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